Did I do something wrong? (Pyle PT-610)


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The reason I chose to join and post is to learn if I did something wrong here... purchased a Pyle PT-610 to use in a business showroom (because it had 70V output) and hooked it up to the 70V daisy-chained speakers. Granted, there are only 6 speakers, but the setup is for 70V.

The amp worked fine for a couple of weeks, then I got a call that it was "dead" - sure enough it was. I replaced a blown fuse only to hit the power switch and have it blow the new fuse. Removed the speaker wires and inputs, same thing. This unit lasted a couple of weeks, which I found odd... was plugged into a APC UPS battery backup with the receiver and phone system (all other items working fine)... Did I do something wrong here? Can a person put too LITTLE a load on an amp?

*** By the way I took the amp apart and removed the transformer's secondary wiring from the termination points on the main board, hoping to see if it was drawing too much power. In fact it was not, as it still blew the fuse. A new fuse in place, with the unit unplugged, and a meter on each prong of the power cord showed <3ohms... not good! The transformer is SHOT by my evaluation.

Sorry for the VERY long post but I am so frustrated and I hope there is someone here online who can either tell me what I did to cause this or let me know this was a fluke! I have the electronic component background, but I am no audiophile... all my cash is tied up in computers and servers as you can see in my profile... that is what I am used to working with. I would think the transformer would have been more robust...

Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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