Integra DTR 5.4 or Pioneer Elite VSX 41


Sandeepan Bhattacharya
I need some help/advice. I am trying hard to decide between the Pioneer Elite VSX 41 and the Integra DTR 5.4. I am using Paradigm mini monitor series front speakers and CC170 as the center channel. The pioneer has 110 W/channel while the Integra has only 85 W/Ch...I did feel that the Pioneer drove my speakers more and I got a better overall sound...However, I like the features of the Integra better...also their DSP filters produce better sound (natural bass) for home theater (is what I felt)...I do have a JBL PB10 subwoofer...The remote is far better with on screen display...Any advice will be appreciated. Do I need to buy bigger speakers? Do I need to get the DTR 6.4 for more power..I just have 2 days left to return the Integra...All advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


It seems to me that you favor the Integras better than you do the Pioneers. I would get the DTR 6.4 in favor of the Pioneer. Get the seem to like them. Sometimes you just have to get what appeals more to your tastes as opposed to other peoples' "wow" factor. You'll be happier in the long run!

What prices are you being quoted on these 2 receivers? Generally I would say the Integra is a better match with Paradigm but if yours are the v3 version both would be ok. It seemed to me that the new V3 Paradigms are brighter than the previous 2 versions. I would like to know what price the Integra is selling for.

Sandeepan Bhattacharya
I purchased the Integra for $510 (before tax) and the Pioneer Elite for $465 (before tax). I do like the sound of the pioneer with the Paradigm speakers...I know that in this group there have been lot of comments about the mismatch of Pioneer with Paradigm. Any aother recievers worth considering in this proce range $500-$550?

You have chosen 2 of the nicer units in this price range.You bought both and are deciding between them, right? Keep what sounds best to you and is most user friendly etc. You can,t lose with either one. Paradigm v3 and elite are ok matches I think but probably not the v2 and v1. Have fun and let us know which one you keep.
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