Denon or HK or NAD or Rotel or ??????


A/V Rcvr Novice
I am looking for advice on good manufacturers for an A/V receiver.

Basically, I am looking for 3 groups, not sure of the amount I am willing to spend yet.

A/V Receivers under $1,000
A/V Receivers between $1,000 and $2,000
A/V Receivers over $2,000

The room I plan to install the equipment in a room that is about 15 x 22, but it opens into another room that is about the same size, forming an L shape area.

I am leaning towards Paradigm Studio speakers.

The system will probably be used equally for music and for movies.

So, lots of advice would be appreciated.

Paradigm Studio's are excellent speakers and with them I would recommend either NAD or Rotel. They both make excellent receivers in all 3 price ranges and would mate will with the Paradigms.

Rotel, HK, NAD, Denon (in that order) is my pref.

I heard a Rotel Stereo receiver and it was stunning. I heard NAD T752 (running vandersteen speakers) and they were good too. HK and Denon are subjective. I prefered the HK over Denon and NAD but thats me. I suggest, you audition them all and hear for yourself. If you are near a 6th Ave store ( you can audition Denons and Paradigms.

Since you are looking at Higher end AV receivers, why dont you check out the likes of B&Ks and Krells and the high end brands.

My 2 cents...

I purchased the Rotel RSP-1066 (retail is $1,499) and the RMB-1075 (retail is $999) for $2,100. It replaced my Yamaha HTR5440 that was running my Paradigm Monitors (9's for fronts, cc-370 center, velodyne cht 12, and Polk R40 Rears which will be replaced with 9's) The system sounds great now, everything has more clarity, sounds cleaner and has more punch. I still need to upgrade the monster cables with MIT which should make it sound even better. The only down fall is the tuner is $299 or you could use an old reciever, but if you don't listen to the radio its no loss. If your going with the Studios then they will sound even better since they are the step above my Paradigms. I would highly suggest going with separates, look into the Rotels it is a great line.
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