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Their is musical fedility A5.5 amp and cdp for sale at adiuo gone for 1495 each and the add says the condition is 9/10. Please post your opinions about this audio gone.
Thanks in advance.

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For used audio gear it's about as good as it gets. Be sure to check feedback on the seller and communicate with them to get a feel if they are on the level. I've sold many pieces at Agon and would not be afraid to buy there...ebay on the other hand...egad!

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I haven't had any issues with Audiogon either. Bought and sold some stuff.

The main thing I've found is communication with the buyer/seller.

Also, a lot of people selling on there are dealers selling stuff customers traded in, demo gear, and discontinued gear.

I wouldn't go anywhere near epray.

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I just made my first purchase on Audiogon recently, and so far it has been a good experience.

Been doing the ebay thing now for quite some time as a seller and a buyer. It certainly ain't what it used to be.

I read an article recently about the "slow death" of ebay, which I had to agree with.

Besides that, there's TONS of scammers on ebay. I won't sell to people outside of North America, and avoid buyers with 0 feedback or newly registered buyers like the plague.

Audiogon (and Canuck Audio Mart here in the North) are either hobbyists with too much gear, or honest dealers (mostly).

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I personally have only done CanuckAudioMart which is basically the Canadian version of Audiogon. I love it. Audiogon looks very good too though, and seems to have cheaper pricing. Only problem with it is that 80 percent of the people wont ship to Canada.

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I've found that too, Nick.

CAM is awesome.

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I bought a pair of speakers on Audiogon 2 weeks ago from a dealer stated the speakers are demo and in excellent conditon 9/10. The speakers arrived with several scratches, broken grills, missing bases. I inspected the boxes and they looked OK! I took several pictures of the speakers and sent to the seller to demand refund. He blamed UPS. He said that when the speakers left his store, they were in excellent condition!!! I claimed insurance from UPS, the UPS has picked up the speakers to inspect and will deliver them back to the seller today. I still have not received the refund yet because the seller said that he'll need to check the serial numbers on the speakers before refund my money!!! My 1st bad experience with Audiogon. I bought a different pair of speakers also on AG from another seller also as a dealer who was selling demo speakers. Paid him last Wednesday, on the same day he sent me the tracking numbers from UPS. I waited till the next Tuesday and checked with UPS. They told me that he has not scheduled the pick up yet!!! I called him on that day and demanded the refund (I was so angry). He blamed that he was out of town on Friday and just came back Monday. I asked him why didn't he send the speakers on Thursday?!...and so on... Anyway, I will receive them today. FYI, the speakers are Focal 826V to replace the Totem Sttaf.

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Both my experiences w/Audiogon are positive.
once as buyer, once as seller.

One minor glitch, is that if you don't have feedback some people simply won't deal with you.
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