Assembly guide for TDA1541 DIY KIT


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Hello all,

As it is not easy to assemble the TDA1541A DIY kit for newbie in electronic, I have found some useful information for it:

DIY Kit TDA1541A (CS8412/CS8414 & SAA7220)
HI-End Audio CD DAC (Deluxe)

This kit uses Hi-End components like Dale resistors, Solen, WIMA, Nichicon capacitors, TDA1541A, CS8414, SAA7220 and AD797.
Input signal: Digital audio from CD player, e.g. S/PDIF
Output signal: Analog audio signal with high S/N ratio for pre amplifier or amplifier.

1. The PCB can use the IC: TDA1541 / TDA1541A, CS8412/CS8414(come with conversion PCB) and SAA7220
2. Output Opamps can use AD797/ NE5534/OPA627
3. Required power supply: 12VAC, 15VAC and 20VAC x2
4. PCB thickness: 2.5mm and copper 2oz. Lead free

Assembly Guide:
A) To ensure circuit of power supply is functional, please do the follow test before plugging in any ICs:
1. Assemble all components except ICs for protection
2. Measure L1, 47UH (5V supply for SAA7220)
3. Measure L2, 47UH (-15V supply for TDA1541)
4. Measure L3, 47UH (-5V supply for TDA1541)
5. Measure L4, 47UH (5V supply for TDA1541)
6. Measure L5, 47UH (5V supply for CS8412)
7. Measure L6, 47UH (5V supply for CS8412)
8. Measure C29, 100nF (+18V supply for AD797/NE5534/OPA627
9. Measure C30, 100nF (-18V supply for AD797/NE5534/OPA627

B) After the power supply is functional, you can install each ICs and make the whole kit work.
If you use 1K Ohm for R25, for C33, please use 0.047UF. Do not assemble C35.
If you use 470 Ohm for R25, for C33, please use 0.22UF and for C35, please use 3300P

This DIY kit can use either TDA1541 and TDA1541A DAC IC and either CS8412 or CS8414 which comes with the adaptor board. DIYer can easily switch between the two ICs to evaluate the performance of this classic TDA1541A and SAA7220 DAC. The opamp can use either AD797/NE5534/OPA627.

Welcome to email me if you have any questions. jpg .jpg pg

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The answer to a question that no-one had?

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Naim Audio use TDA1541 Crown variants and have found that it helps a lot to isolate the board physically from the environment as much as possible. So, after building the board one way of reducing noise levels is to mount the board on a sprung-loaded floating chassis with as low a frequency as possible. Try it both ways and you may find you get results which you won't be able to explain on a scope but will be able to identify every time you hear your DAC playing.
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