HK volume question


This question is pertaining the HK 325
When I switch from DVD to TV mode I have to increase the volume by at least 20db to get it to the right loudness level. However, keeping the vlume same if I go to the DVD mode, it obviously blasts. Is there anyway I can normalize the volume so I dont have to keep changing the volumes levels for different sources. Is that a flaw in the system or is this normal

Do u have digital cable?
If u do u can set the audio output level in the cable receiver/decoder, just set it up higher to balance the levels.
Or u have the levels on the HK325 for the DVD set up high?
If none of the above, and u are connected through the TV to the HK receiver some TV's also have an output level adjustment.
Hope this helps

Hi ,

I own a HK AVR 5500, I had the same problems !!

I read thru the manuals and found that you can setup your individual channel audio levels for each source.. So for your TV Source .. just choose the right speakers and the audio level you want for each chanel.. That's it !!

I did the same and I have no issues now !!

Try It !! It works ..


Thanks. I will try that today.

I have a regular Analog cable box.
I have been using the default levels so far. I have turned th TV speakers off and I don't believe the VCR has any provisions for output adjustment. The difference is that the DVD is connected via a optical cable and the VCR is connected by a RCA cable to the receiver.

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