How to make marantz 6300 "bright" (help me)


I have a marantz 6300 paired with mission m70's, it's very good in music but warm and laid back on ht. Is there any way to make my marantz sound "bright" to make ht viewing more lively, I find it anaemic.

Buy silver speaker cables? I heard they brighten up most speakers.

It's really the wrong approach though. You should aim your component choices to your listening sweet spot...i.e. laid back, neutral, bright neutral, bright, etc.

My approach is the get a neutral/musical receiver and bright neutral speakers so that I have both music and HT where I like it.

Yes, get a livelier center channel speaker. I would suggest a NHT SC-1.

Turn the treble setting up and/or the bass setting down.

I like marantz because of the quality and the store told me that my mission speaker is bright and need a warm and laid back receiver like marantz 6300.

I usually use my system for ht than music, so did I purchase the wrong one? I was choosng between the marantz 6300 and yamaha 640 but some say that mission and 640 is not a good combination bec it might overdo the brightness.

Should I just return the marantz and get the yamaha 640? or should I just keep my marantz?

I agree with the Hawkster also. Getting a good center speaker will really help with presence of a movie. BTW what center speaker are you using now?

I'm using mission m7c2 for center

I bought the marantz 6300 for only 400 dollars that's why I purchased it rather than the yamaha 640 w/c is I beleive a lower model.

The Marantz is a whole lot better than the Yammie, IMHO. Keep it, but I suggest you investigate a brighter center speaker.

BTW, I don't find the Missions to be that bright of a speaker (I have the M71s in my study). When I think of bright, I think Klipsch or M&K, not Mission.

I basically agree with Hawk. But I will bet my life the problem is not your receiver. It is either your room, or your speakers. If you speak to an acoustic or electric engineer they will tell you the same. It is almost always one or a combination of one of three things. Your hearing, your room acoustics, and the interaction of the speakers with the room.

Sorry to say, but you may have to switch out your speakers. Afterall, you can't switch out your hearing. And it is much easier to deaden a room than to enliven it. But it can be done.

Of course, there is another possibility. If a local dealer is willing to lend you a room equalizer for a day (a good one costs anywhere from 1K to 3K)you could boost certain frequencies to make the set-up sound as close to your liking as possible---without doing anything as dramatic as buying new speakers or redoing your decor.

The above recommendation is good for anyone that wants to have an accurate and well-balanced system. You'd be suprised what good equalization will do to flatten out the room responses caused by the interaction of the speaker and the room. Of course, many people don't like an acoustically accurate system. They like a sound brighter than the engineer wanted. Just like many people like a tv "hotter" than the accepted 6500 degrees setting. Undoubtedly why so many tv's come shipped with the setting over 7000 degrees.


I am also experimenting with interconnects. Are you using the stock interconnects that came with your gear? If so, you may want to try changing out the audio cables between your DVD player and your receiver. I have found a nice improvement in detail by replacing my stock cables with some Monster Cable audio interconnects. The bass is much tighter (not as bloated) and the overall balance of the sound is much better. Just a thought . . .
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