Desperately Seeking Advice on $10-12K System


Ken Martin
I am about to drop $10-12K on a system for my house. That's a lot of money to me. Need to know if you think system A or Systme B is better. Pls vote for A or B.

System A:






System B
1 ADA PTM6150 $2849
1 ADA SUITE 7.1 $2499
3 CAT 1.3 CORONADO 2003 $4950
2 JAMO 883K3 $699
1 ONKYO CP-701 $299
1 JAMO 1W1060SW $319

Should I buy A or B? Which is better buy for home theater and audio system?

That is a lot of money. With that kind of money, it should be hard to make a bad decision. When you are looking at under $2k, is when you have to really be careful.

That said, I'm not familiar enough with some of the products to vote A or B. I like the Velodyne sub (I have a Velodyne) and onkyo/integra are good electronics (I have an Onkyo receiver). I actually prefer Sony for DVD/CD players. I'm not a fan of in-ceiling speakers. You lose some flexibility, but gain space. I've never heard the Jamo speakers, but they are supposed to be a good brand.

Granted, room acoustic affect the sound, but I'd try and actually listen to the products before you drop that much money. Listening is the best way to find out what you like and what you want.

I'm also of the belief that more money should go into the speakers than the electronics. If you have good speakers, then even when you get a new receiver/amp, DVD/CD, TV, etc, you'll still have your good speakers.

Just my opinion...

ken martin
good input but the shops that install these do not have system show room florrs where I can hear this stuff. I need someone in the know to provide guidance and reco one of these alternatives. Does anyone know who I can contact to undrerstand which set up is better???

I agree with anonymous. There's no way to decide which set-up will fit your needs until you listen to them. Integra is comming out with their new line of X.4 receivers (maybe the DTR 7.4 with pro-logic IIx). I own Onkyo (3 of them) and I'm looking at Integra for my next investment.

I cannot believe that you are looking to spend $10-12K and you are buying a receiver! That is an option that you should throw out right away. Receivers by their very nature are major compromises and frankly, Integra is good, but not that good. For almost the same amount of money, you could have the Outlaw separates or Adcom separates, which will give you much better sound. In fact, your electronics should run about 25% of the total cost of the system and you have priced a system where the electronics are about half that amount. With amplification that is not commesurate with the rest of the system, you aren't going to get the best sound for your dollar (which, given the amount of money you are spending is a real waste).

I don't know the "B" system at all, but money wise, it also seems all out of whack to me. Here, you appear to be spending close to six K for the electronics, but something like $1K for the speakers. That is same mistake as above, but in reverse. Now you are sacrificing good speakers for the amplification.

Furthermore, save yourself a grand and get a Hsu VTF-3 subwoofer rather than the Velodyne. The Velodyne is very good, but the Hsu is better and costs half as much.

So I vote neither system.

Ken Martin
Feedback on system A was useful. I will check out Outlaw or adcom sepereates to see if I can get better product and price.

But on b system, the vendor proposes that I buy:
3 CAT 1.3 CORONADO 2003 $4950 + 2 JAMO 883K3 $699 = $5700 for speakers. is that still out of whack.

What should I do? Tell them to get me the outlaw or adcom equipment over the integra system because they have better price perf?

Don't stop this thread til we resolve pls Hawk. You're the only good info source I've seen so far...

Outlaw Audio is bought online. Your dealer will hardly recommend them.

You don't say how big your room is--if you are on a hard floor or carpetted, etc. This is important.

ADA equipment is fine. But if you are going separates at that price I would either go Anthem or Aragon. Anthem gets the edge to me--even though I own Aragon. But you could get a B&K receiver (excellent), Pioneer Elite 49Txi which connects via firewire to the Pioneer 47Ti DVD player. Denon has a great top of the line receiver too. Of course, most salon audio dealers do not carry mass market brands--they carry mostly protected brands that don't get marked down much-if at all.

How can you compare ceiling speakers with floor standing and bookshelf speakers? They are two different animals. Although ceiling speakers have improved over the years, I would not use them for a surround sound system unless forced to.

Another question--what other speaker lines does this dealer carry? Are you "married" to getting your equipment from him?

Ken Martin
I am admittedly ignorant in this realm. Which package is better between the two offered?

I am not married to one sytem or another but lack expertise in putting this stuff in wall and cieling in a professional manner.

If I choose between these packages it is done.

If I go out and buy my own equipment who will put it in nice and make sure system components match up well?

Therefore pls tell me which set up is better.

A $319 subwoofer in an over $10K system? And an almost $2K subwoofer with ceiling speakers? If a dealer recommended these he should be shot and/or avoided at all costs.

I could never in bad or good conscience tell you to buy either. These items are so mismatched and there are so many better choices for under $7K that I am left speechless. It seems like this dealer is trying to unload odds and ends.


I think there is a lot of good input on this thread, and please don't take the tenor of the comments to heart because it is directed at the dealer, not you.

Don't be afraid to get your own electronics (tuner, amp, and pre/pro or receiver) because the guys who install the speakers will have to wire them to something. If it is already sitting there, believe me they will wire the speakers to it. It is clear that you want in-wall or in ceiling speakers and that is fine, but when you get those speakers, you are also buying the necessary wire and the installation, so the hard part is done.

I admit I do not know the CAT Coronados, but there are so many people making in-wall speakers today that it is hard to keep up. I could make a number of suggestions for other in-wall speakers, but I don't think that would be productive here. I can appreciate you are looking for something easy where you don't have to have another piece of furniture in the room. Nevertheless, I have to agree with my buddy, G-Man, that it makes no sense to have a $1900 subwoofer with one system and a $319 subwoofer with the second. It really does look like the dealer is dropping his odds and ends on you.

I know the JMlabs speakers, so I am going to work from there. I suggest the JMlabs speakers, but the matching electronics you want are as follows:

Rotel RSP1066 Pre/Pro, MSRP of $1499;
Rotel RMB 1075 Amp, MSRP of $1199;
Hsu Research VTF-3 subwoofer, $899; and,
NAD T-572 DVD/CD Changer, MSRP of $799.

The Rotel is a great match sonically for the JMlabs speakers and the Hsu subwoofer will give you everything the Velodyne does. Finally, the NAD DVD/CD changer will play both the DVDs and your CDs beautifully (you don't need a mediocre CD changer and a mediocre DVD changer when you can get one superb unit to play both).

Alternatively, I recommend the above with an Outlaw combo for the electronics, specifically an Outlaw 950 pre/pro for $798 and an Outlaw 755 amp (5 channel amp at 200 wpc) for $1299, and still recommend the Hsu sub and the NAD DVD/CD changer. If you go this route, you can speak directly to the Outlaw people and they will get you the necessary cables to go with it. I have found them to be incredibly helpful (no b.s., either).

Finally, for a system of this type and quality, your dealer should have specified a quality power conditioner. Now, there are a lot of power conditioning products out there, so I am not going to get into a thread about power conditioners, but you need one of these products which will smooth out the fluctuations in the electrical power coming from your utility. If you are pulling the power these amps are capable of, you learn that something that smoothes out the power draw is a good investment. You don't have to go overboard on this thing either as a little goes a long way in these products (translation: a relatively inexpensive product will probably do everything you need for just a couple hundred bucks--you don't need a $1500 unit). I would suggest a Monster Power HTS 2500, Mk II, as a good one to use.


Hsu subwoofers:

I hope this helps.


You made me wish I was more gentle in my response. You were correct--I was irked at the dealer for putting these packages together--certainly not at Ken.

Also, your advice was topnotch in all areas. Most people I know are pretty ignorant in the area of ceiling and wall speakers. I know the best companies build them in enclosed speaker boxes (just like standard speakers)to fit between the studs on the wall and ceiling, rather than the loosely mounted speakers of yesteryear. Somehow I can't believe they perform anywhere near that of a good quality surround bookshelf speaker system.

Now I am almost tempted to try this in my bedroom, except I doubt I would get much sleep:-) Imagine if I fell in love with my in-wall and in-ceiling Paradigm speakers with a lonely HSU subwoofer sitting out in the room. I know a great handyman (electrician-carpenter) guy who would install it all for cheap, as I would probably be somewhat intimidated on doing all the carpentry and in-wall wiring. Maybe I'm still asleep:-)

I think I better listen to a surround system done this way before I do anything rash----I know I would hate to have my in-ceiling sunroom speakers as my regular rig.

Joong-In Rhee

I would definitely avoid the packages altogether for sure! It's not that difficult to assemble your own - You will save a lot of money, and end up with better sound/price value.

Are you really bent on having in wall speakers? You will get better sound with separate speakers, and they can look good in your living room like most people do.

If you go this path, you can get outlaw 950, and monitor audio bronz series speakers. If you live near a Goodguys store, go hear them. You should really hear the speakers before buying - different people like different sounds.

Hawks and Gman gave very good advices. You will save money, and end up with better sounding system going their rout.

Please do your self a favor, and avoid the package deals altogether!

Ken - I second Hawk's suggestion with Rotel. I purchased the Rotel RSP 1066 and the Rotel RMB 1075, it replaced my yamaha HTR 5440. I'm running Paradyme Monitor 9's for the fronts, Monitor cc-370 for the center, Velodyne CHT 12, and will be replacing the Rears (Polk R40) with 9's in the near future. They sounded good with the yamaha and sound even better with the Rotel, I bought both Rotel products new for $2100. My suggestion is to look into separates, especially the Rotel line and into the Paradigm Studio Series, the step above my Monitor speakers. Also go to another HiFi Audio Video store to get other opinions.

Adam C
I will have to forgive me, but i only read a couple of the threads so it may of already be covered, but none of the less i just want to say spending that kind of money on a av system. Make sure its future proof i'm sure ure dealer may of covered it. I.e. get a av processor like tag with up-grade options, i am sure you would hate it when ure system it deemed out classednext month, but then again all this is dependent on what you're using it for. e.g. if your just a stero music lover, or surroundaholic.
Adam C

Ken Martin
Is this the correct set up I should aim for?

Rotel RSP1066 Pre/Pro, MSRP of $1499;
Rotel RMB 1075 Amp, MSRP of $1199;
Hsu Research VTF-3 subwoofer, $899; and,
NAD T-572 DVD/CD Changer, MSRP of $799.

How can I get s video switching?

Who do I get to help with install in the seattle area?


Yes, I think that is the system I would recommend to go with the JMlabs in wall (or in-ceiling) speakers.

Now, I am assuming you are going to get your original dealer to put in the speakers and the Panamax unit. You can get the Hsu Research subwoofer directly from Hsu.

I checked the internet for Seattle area Rotel dealers. The Rotel separates can be obtained from:

Definitive Audio - Seattle
6206 Roosevelt Way, N.E.

There may be other Rotel dealers in the Seattle area--the Rotel website searches by area code and I only searched 206. However, it appears that there are other area codes which may be closer to you and still in the Seattle area which may have other Rotel dealers. You can also look into this dealer at their website. It looks pretty impressive:

I also recommend you ask them what they recommend for wall or ceiling installed speakers. Nevertheless, I have no doubt they will finish the installation for you.

Finally, the Rotel pre/pro has s-video switching built in. Just buy the necessary cables with your equipment and have the installers connect them for you.

Good luck.

An amendment to my previous post.

This appears to be the guy you need to talk to for installation by Definitive Audio:

Bellevue Custom Sales Manager:
Steve Grod- 425-746-3275 ext. 650


I'm not sure where you're located, but maybe you could connect with one of the members here or in one of the other forums. Pay the person a few bucks and provide some Bud (for consumption after the installation) to assist you with connecting the system. This would ensure that things were done "right."

I've looked at so many estimates over the past few days (not for audio, but for home renovations) and it's amazing how they are all over the place. If you look at each item, it all appears fine. However, there are some companies that are charging less for installation -- but charging 50% more for the materials.

Also, you might consider placing your purchase on "hold" for a few more months. It's amazing how much more you'll learn in order to make the right decision to get some sweet gear.

Enjoy !!

Ken Martin
hawk, i went to definitive and they are providing an estimate. Thx man!

I owe you some bud. I actually looked them up on the web and contacted them using google just like you did.

I will send out an estimate soon.

"Make sure its future proof i'm sure your dealer may of covered it. I.e. get a av processor like tag with up-grade options,..."

Humorously enough, Tag MacLaren has just discontinued their A/V products. From beginning to end in under 2 years. Luckily for the owners of their equipment they say they will continue to support the stuff. That said, I am reminded of the old saying--"From your mouth to God's ear"

There is an advantage to buying from companies such as Harman International, Pioneer, etc. They don't dabble in consumer electronics---it is what they do full time.

I agree G-Man. Stick with the established companies.

Besides, how do you make something "future-proof" when Dolby Labs is putting out new formats like the "Flavor of the Month"?

Ken--glad I could help. For your budget, you deserve to get something truly special and I think the consensus of the people on this forum was that you weren't getting it. Keep us posted on your progress!

Recently I Decided to begin to look at dropping some cash on Home theater equipment, Can anyone give me a bit advice about the compatability of my perposal?

Model # Price Qty. Ext. Price
Media Room
Sony 65" HDTV Projection Television KDP65WS550 1 $3,044.00
Hughes HDTV Satellite Receiver HIRDE86 $399.00 1 AudioQuest Component Video Interconnect YIQX2M $88.00
AudioQuest Optical Digital Interconnect OPTG2M $36.00
Yamaha Progressive Scan DVD Player DVS5650 $140.00
AudioQuest Component Video Interconnect YIQX2M $88.00
AudioQuest Optical Digital Interconnect OPTG2M $36.00
Yamaha Digital Surround Sound Receiver RXV1400 $719.00
Definitive Technology Speaker Package PROCIN60BK $629.00
AudioQuest Subwoofer Interconnect SIDESUB3M $46.00
Panamax Subwoofer Line Protector MAX2SUB $44.00
AudioQuest Line Interconnect SIDE1M $31.00
Panamax Line Conditioner/Protector MAX4310 $216.00
Proflex Speaker Wire PF142BBK $0.80 120 $96.00

Panasonic 37" EDTV Plasma Television TH37PA20UP 1 $3,354.00
Peerless Plasma Wall Mount PSWPAN42 $171.00 1 $171.00
Equipment Total $9,137.00
Custom Install Labor $1,450.00
Custom Programming N/A
4 Year Warranty Package $1,575.00
Sales Tax $708.12
TOTAL $12,870.12

This is a mess. $630 worth of speakers in over a 10K system? Two different tv monitors--why?

You can buy the Yamaha 1400 receiver delivered for $600-$625. You could buy the Sony KDP65.... for about $2400 delivered. The 37" Panasonic can be bought and delivered for between $2750-$3000 tops.

Never buy warranties--This stuff has a warranty. Waste of $1575. Mostly profit for dealer.

Hire an electrician or through the yellow pages a stereo or AV installer if you feel you need help for $250 to at most $500. This price of $1450 install is insane, Not only is this guy charging you high retail prices but is charging you crazy high prices for easy install--- a couple of hours work at most.

The real kicker--you are spending about 12K and the dealer sells you a $600 speaker system---uugghhh!!! The interconnects, wire, a power surge protector he sells you cost as much as the speaker system. That is nutty. Either you hate sound or the dealer is a crook or hasn't the foggiest how to put together a sensible system---but he does know how to fleece a customer.


I have to agree with G-Man here. I think this dealer saw you coming, my friend.

Speakers are a good place to start. You are getting a beautiful big screen tv in an effort to have a more convincing presentation of movies and broadcast content, yet your speakers are so small that the sound will not match the speakers. This will have a definite impact on how involved you get in the content. Furthermore, that receiver is simply not commeasurate with the rest of the system, and buying Audioquest interconnects is a real waste as you will never hear any difference with that receiver and those speakers.

Warranty package: G-Man is again correct that you are getting a 4 year warranty for a lot of equipment that comes with either a two year warranty on its own or, in the case fo the speakers, already has a five year warranty. I can see a warranty on the Sony TV, however, as Sony has traditionally been very miserly with their warranties (usually 90 days).

Installation: I may not have the best perspective here, but my local dealers install this stuff free so long as they don't have to cut open the walls to run speaker wires. If they do, G-man is right that this is a $250 job.

Finally, you ask about the compatibility of the proposal. Well, the receiver and speaker combo is horrible. The Yamahas are known to be a very bright receiver, meaning they have an elevated upper midrange between 2 and 4 Khz. The Definitve Technology speaker package is also a very forward system with a tendency to be bright, as well. That means when combined the sound system will be very bright and aggressive sounding. This is known to result in what is called "listener fatigue". I had a system a few years ago with this problem and I couldn't even get through an entire CD (45 minutes) without shutting the system off. I just did not enjoy listening to the system. Given the amount of money you are looking to drop, that is a real waste.

What size room are you going to install this system into? I can defintely suggest a better receiver, speaker, and DVD player combo for little or no more money and will sound a whole lot better. Also, are you looking for speakers in the wall on in the ceiling?

BTW, the price on the Panasonic plasma is too high, especially for an EDTV.

I appreciate all of your advice but i am going to do it anyway...(j/k) As far as the room size goes
its a 20/30 ft area carpeted.

I am really looking to put a plasma in my wifes room for her(w/ built in sound.

I am trying to find a system that would be good for both music & movies. I dont have a budgett but would like to stay under 10,000 as a full package deal.

I was looking into Klipsch Quintet series for speekers? and a seperate sub.

As ou may have noticed I am all over the place
So... what would you guys buy with 8-10G and where?

thank you ever so much.

I'm surprised by the all of the recommendations to pass on the ADA / CAT combination. It is simply an amazing combination. For starters, CAT uses ADA to power their speakers at trade shows etc. Second CAT builds your speakers to match your room acoustics. After your dealer installs your system, CAT sends acoustic engineers to your home and tunes the cross overs to match your room. I watched a couple of engineers from CAT tuning two sound rooms at my local A/V dealer, it is very impressive and the resulting sound is nothing short of mind blowing. If it's not too late I would have another look. I'm piecing an ADA /CAT system together right now. I have the ADA Suite 7.1 and 6150. Once I have my budget replenished I will be installing CAT speakers. Read the reviews and if you can't hear them at your local dealer hop on a plane and fly to Florida for an audition. Advanced Audio Design has three showrooms in Southwest FL the Naples store which I am familiar with will make you a believer.

ADA is excellent, although I have often found them overpriced to other comparable components. ADA seems to make their money off of people that are willing to pay a lot for the extra hand holding and the installation. $2,850 for a 5 channel 150 watt amp is no bargain. I never heard of CAT and wonder if they have more than a casual association with ADA. Are they wall and ceiling speakers? They aren;t listed in audioreview. If they are--under what name?

Where are reviews written on CAT speakers-

There are a lot of great amsp/pre-amps and speakers in this category. I'd have to hear and read about these speakers before I would make any decisions. Particularly in comparison to others in that price range--

Check out these sites, seek out a dealer with a theater room, listen, touch and feel.
California Audio Technologies (CAT)
Click on "literature" for the February 2001 review in Home Theater Magazine
Audio Design Associates (ADA)

Both ADA and CAT have been at this for over 2 decades and while there are plenty of here today gone tomorrow manufactures of impossibly expensive esoteric audio gear these guys are for real and at a price point on par with the best of the off-shore mass-market stuff.
As far as price is concerned, you are correct there is little if any wiggle room however I know of no other manufacture that will build speakers for your application and then custom tune the cross-overs to match your room acoustics once installed. Sure anyone can "hook-up" a system but few if any will design and tune it just for you. For me, I would rather spend my money having my room optimized by a pro with a truck load of equipment and a boat load of experience than going at it alone. I can do very little with my Avia DVD and my Radio Shack SPL meter.
My opinion of what is possible for a "reasonably" priced home theatre has been forever changed.
BTW, I do not work for or have any affiliation with CAT, ADA or any of their installers / retailers. I am only an enthusiast on a budget that has experienced the realistically bone chilling sound they make.

Unregistered guest
ADA and Jamo are good combination.
My system consists of:
ADA Cinema Reference (Mach II)$10,000 pay $6,500
You can get the Rhapsody for around $3,000
ADA 6150 (2x) bi-amp with $2,700 pay $1,000
Jamo D870 front $1,900 each pay $1,200 each
Jamo D830 for surround $1,300 each pay $700 each
Jamo D8 cen center $900 pay $500
Jamo D8 sub 1,900 pay $1,000
Marant DV8300 Universal Player $1,700 pay $1,200

New member
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Hi Ken,
For that kinda money I could be in hi-fi heaven.So sad to say tho` that none of the equipment on your list would suit my fancy.So if i were you i would seriously consider the Pioneer AX-10ig as an a/v receiver.For your speaker system I suggest you try the Triangle Stratos series.That would give you more leverage to choose the best dvd universal player available.A good set up should have a good room to start with perhaps with the extra cash you could consider improving your room acoustics as well.Finally before you forget invest on good quality sounding speaker,interconnect cables most of the time they do the trick you know.Try Cardas.

Unregistered guest
dual 31 band home stero eq at

2400 watt home stero reciver

pregressiv scan big screen tv at

dvd recoreder with pregressive scan cd-r/cd-rw/srs true surround from raido shack store

pawn shop for some realy powerful floorstanding speakers

double shielded rca jacks/shilded 14 gauge car speaker cables from your local walmart store

dynamy extrem for soundprofing you house room from

400 d-cd changer from


New member
Username: Matt_s

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I am also looking at dropping approx 10K on a dedicated media room and wanted to get some thoughts on the equipment. The room is 11 x 17 with 9.5 ceilings.
Here is the list of suggested audio/video by the dealer who was recommended for their knowledge/rep.

InFocus 5700 Projector 1024x576 3990
Projector mount 250
Stewart GrayHawk 100" Diag screen 1900
NAD T753 Receiver 1000
NAD T513 Progessive DVD 300
KEF Ci-200QS Left,Center Right in wall 900
KEF Ci-130QS Rear Left,Right in wall 350
Velodyne Sub SPL-1200II 1320
Hi Def Video cable, S-Vid cbl; Comp cbl; spkr cbl and interconnects.....750
Labor 1000

I know the labor is pretty high but I'm more worried about the equip going in as this is a dedicated media room. What do you guys think??
I've read some posts and there is a lot of good information from a lot of knowledgeable people.
I would appreciate any and all feedback you can give on my situation. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Matt,

It looks like a very nice setup! The only suggestion I might make would be to consider switching out the NAD T513 in favor of either the NAD T533 DVD-A player or for a univeral DVD-A/SACD such as the Denon DVD-2200. This would allow you to also take advantage of multi-channel music in those formats.

The prices seem to be a little high so you may want to see if you can negotiate them down a little. Still, it can be beneficial to pay a little more if it you have a reliable installer.

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Thanks Ghia for your response. I've heard a lot of good things about the Denon line so I'll take a look at their DVD players.

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You are paying top dollar for those components with little to no discount. At those prices you should get free installation.

You can get the NAD T753 at $800 easily and under warranty. You can get two excellent Outlaw Audio (online with 30 day return policy) subwoofers for $999 or one at $579. Even the Velodyne can be gotten for around $950 from a warrantied authorized dealer.

Then again, I am not into in-wall speakers, unless I am using them for ambient sound in a sunroom or kitchen (for example).

I presume from the set-up you are far more interested in movies than you are into great sound and music.


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Thanks for the info Gregory! I agree that it is full retail and I do plan on shopping around. Do you know any warrantied authorized dealers that I can get this equipment from at those discounts?
Since this room will only be for watching sports/movies, I am very concerned with the quality of sound. It makes no sense to put all the money into the picture quality and neglect the audio. Do you have any suggestions on possible improvements to the audio equip?? I am wanting to stay with the inwall setup. I know this will be more money but it may be worth it.
Thanks again for your response and any further info you can provide is appreciated.

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Kiefs is an authorized dealer for NAD, KEF, Denon and Velodyne. Their website is at . I just purchased my equipment from there and they discounted it. Even though they have a website, you'll need to call them to get discounted prices quoted.

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Ghia is correct that Kief's is a fine outlet for NAD and Denon universal dvd players. 2ief also carries Stewart screens, but am not sure if they carry InFocus. I am not terribly confident on KEF in-wall speakers (and in-wall speakers in general).

But you should get the NAD and Denon from Kief's and ask them about the KEF's (if you must have in-wall installations) or if they have alternative in-walls by Definitive Technology, Paradigm, or Atlantic Technology.

The HSU VTF-3 Mk2 at $699 is an excellent subwoofer as is the Outlaw Audio LFM at $579 or $999 for two. Both are bought online and would be great for your system.

I understand that some people like their speakers hidden, but there is always a performance trade-off at the price point. You can often get wall reverberation at loud volumes, particularly when listening to loud movies with special effects. Not to mention a normally inferior sound dispersion field, soundstage, and imaging.

A possible compromise would be to have the center and the surrounds as in-walls and having two good front speakers. But if you (or your spouse/girlfriend) can't tolerate the visual disturbance of your room decor--then I guess you will go in-walls all around.

From what I have read, the Def Techs make some excellent in-walls, Atlantic Technology has the System 20 THX for around $2100 for the 5 speakers (THX certified), and Paradigm is also noted for having some quality in-walls.

With the money you save on the subwoofer and the discounted other items, you might consider moving up to the NAD T763. Also, you don't need to spend that much money on speaker wire and interconnects. Just tell Kiefs you want good basic Monster Cable at 12-14 gauge for speaker wire.

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By the way, if you go in-walls, I am sure you can find any electrician or handy man to do the in-wall wiring (if you have convenient attic or under the house crawl space or basement) for $200-$300 max. To really guild the lily you can look up your local ISF technician on google and they have all the expensive electronics and expertise to "dial in" your front projector and get the geometry, colors, etc as close to perfection as possible for your screen. They usually cost around $300.

Unregistered guest
Not that your going to listen to one more self proclaimed "expert" but I too agree with Hawk and G-man. Over spending on some components and under spending on others. I would never suggest buying an extended warranty either. I was in the retail audio biz for many a year, and these guys are right, it's a waste of good money(dealers love then though). However, your mind is made up, so do what makes ya happy. Hope it provides you some musical enjoyment. My humble opinion is you could do MUCH better for less.
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