Step down transformer for NAD T742


I am getting a NAD 742 soon. The unit i am receiving is 110 volt while the location I live in is 220v. I need to get a step down transformer. Wondering if one of you can help with the wattage and other specs I need to look for in the transformer I am getting - since there is fairly big power requirement involved.

I remember looking for a step-down transformer to use my NAD amplifier many years ago as I was preparing to return to my home country from the US. My experience tells that, buying a step-down transformer in a country where mains voltage is 220-240 rather than 110 as in US, is much easier and cheaper than vice-versa. As for the wattage, the heavier and bigger is the better! Then, I would just buy a heavy duty s/d transformer designed for 110v. pro. appliances still widely used in 220-240v countries....

Yeah I totally agree, Ive brought lots of stuff to europe for my house over there. I have a ton aof NAD stuff and it takes killer amperage to make that thing sing. A cheap converter will give you the sound of a sony reciever. I would ask your dealer if he can order in the 240v system(NAD IS HUGE IN EUROPE)or get it chagned out by a NAD repair facility where ever you go, they might work out deal and call it a warranty issue. best of luck.

As always support your local home theater installer.
The Wire Guys

Thanks for your inputs Hansin and Brian.
I have managed to get a good quality step down transformer and it works fine with the NAD.
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