NAD Receiver vs Integrated sound quality.


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I've been looking at the NAD T744 and the 325BEE. I plan to use it for music, but it would nice to have something that can handle the AV stuff.

My question is, is there differences in sound between an integrated stereo amp and an a/v receiver? My local NAD dealer tells me there is, but of course I can't verify because their setup has the receivers and integrated hooked up to completely different sources and speakers. They've talked about dynamic range, musicality, and all the other stuff - don't know if they are telling the truth.

Any opinions? If the difference is minuscule I'd rather go for the receiver as it means one investment rather than two. I realize that I'm asking to compare two different pieces of hardware and they are going sound slightly different because of that.

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Have you considered just going with a good 2-channel system and run your video's audio through it?

A lot of folks here have found not needing the "surround" experience as their 2-channel set up serves all their needs.

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BTW, from what you say about your dealer, stick with him, tell him what you want in a system, do not hesitate to tell him if you cannot hear differences in something or whatever. If you catch him during a slower period, like a weekday afternoon, he should not mind moving the receiver and integrated into the same set up for you to demo.

They appear to be telling you the truth.

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I have found that if you call a dealer in advance of your arrival, they can sometimes get the setup you wish to audition ready to go. MW is correct, slow times help for this service. Don't expect this on a busy day!
I also agree that a 2.1 system takes care of everything. Being space, money, time, and spouse limited, a do-all system works.
Except for some of the effects stuff from back channels, I really dont' think I am missing anything.
Your relationship with your dealer can't be underestimated. The advice and council of a trusted dealer is priceless.

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The 325 will sound better and likely be more reliable than the 744. I like the little 325 and just ordered one for my wife's system.

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I'll go and pester my dealer about getting them set up together. If the sound is close I'll probably go with the receiver as I'm not as discriminating (said by somebody who wants to get a NAD) with sound differences as many. I do have a soft spot for the 2 channel setups though so that receiver has some work to do.

It never occurred to me the integrated would be more reliable than the receiver.

Thanks for all the answers to my original question. I really appreciate it.

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KT, speaker selection and placement are crucial to pulling off the 'phantom' center channel thing, it took me a while.
When it works, it works deceivingly well.
Good luck!

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The 325 will sound better and likely be more reliable than the 744. I like the little 325 and just ordered one for my wife's system.

Awesome Art-I think I might order that one for the system I am putting together for my mom. The 325bee is incredible for the money.

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kt, i've listened to a t163 paired with a c272 and also to a c372. i couldnt really tell the difference - it would be very slight
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