Bi-Amping and Bi-Wiring


I just ordered a NAD T752 receiver. It's going to be a couple of more months before I can purchase rear(surround) speakers. So, in the meantime, I will essentially be using it as a stereo receiver.

Since I won't be using 3 of the 5 available speaker outputs, is there anyway I can use 2 of the un-used speaker outputs and bi-amp my speakers(Polk LSi15's)? If so, would there be a significant benefit to doing so?

If the bi-amping can't happen, Polk recommends bi-wiring their speakers. I know how to do this, I was just curious if anyone has tried it out, or recommends it? Is itworth purchasing the additional speaker wire to do it?


You can bi-amp if you have access to the rear amps preamp BEFORE the volume control AND you have an electronic cross-over. The benifit will be 1. twice as much available power to the speakers. 2. potentially lower distortion when one amp clips the other driver(s) are unaffected and 3. potentially lower distortion because you have twice as much wire running to the speakers.

Bi-wiring only has the third benefit. simply using the next larger gauge wire does the same thing though.
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