Are NAD high-end quality?


You guys really opened up my eyes regarding Yamahas marketing Blab. Never liked them myself but I've had people recommend Yamaha products to me.
Before I make the final decision and but the Marantz SR4300 I would love to get recommendations on other AV receivers in this price range, Actually it will mainly be used for stereo but I would like it to have good theater capabilities as well.
Any ideas on NAD vs. Marantz?
Would the Nad products be considered higher-end than the Marantz?
Thanks again to all


My apologies for being so blunt in my previous posting. I can get a bit carried away sometimes. I do however stand by my original posting to you in that you owe it to yourself to get an audition of your shortlisted receivers. You are after all spending a considerable amount of money and I'm sure most will agree that no quality HT system is cheap.

I can't as yet comment on NAD receivers as I have no experiance of them but from all the comments made about that particular brand in this forum I'm itching to try one of their components myself.

Best of luck!

NAD is mid-fi as far as A/V receivers go. Hi-fi would be the B&K's and Sunfires of the world.

Yes the NAD is higher then the Marantz's in the mid-fi arena. The competing NAD model for the Marantz 4300 would be the T743 soon to be released, I think in December.

I currently own a HK AVR500 (1999 make) the 5x80 not the 5x70 version, would you say it will be foolish for me to upgrade to the Marantz SR4300 which is actually what the receiver I decided on in my price range?
I'm talking fidelity wise and quality wise.
Would appreciate a point of view, Thanks.
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