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Username: Jbrealty

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I am thinking of an amp upgrade ... any advise on which of these would sound the most transparent, precise and musical? (I may upgrade my speakers down the road but like the 9.1s for now) Any other similarly priced suggestions that might be better than what Im considering. Thanks

Rotel 1062
Cambridge 640a v2
NAD c355bee or c272/162 or c372

Current Specs:

Two Channel Audio/Video System

Panasonic TH-50PX60U 50" Plasma
Denon DVD 1930CI DVD Player

NAD C720BEE Stereo Amplifier
Cambridge Audio 640c V2
Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Monitors
REL T1 Subwoofer
Blue Jeans LC-1 Stereo Audio Cables
Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable, Bi-wired
Sanus 26" Steel Monitor Stands

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Username: Dmitchell

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The NAD would be the lowest on my list.

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Username: Artk

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Add the Rega amps and Creek Evo to that.

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Username: Jbrealty

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hmmm creek evo sounds interesting ... think that would sound better than my other options? noticable difference in my current set up that would be worth the upgrade? have enough power for future speaker upgrades?

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Try one of the class T amps such as the Trends. Unless you want to blast your music, this should work with your present speakers. When you upgrade speakers, don't buy speakers that suck power.

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Username: Artk

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The Creek Evo would likely be a good match...well balanced and lively.

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Username: Jbrealty

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What about a Creek Classic 5050SE?
I noticed the older models got great reviews, any reviews on this current model?

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Username: Artk

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Those are very nice amps as well. Some folks find them a bit too lively however I doubt that would be a problem with the Wharfedales.

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I am using Creek Classic 5350SE with Arcam FMJ CD36 and Spendors S5e and I have to tell you that I love it. As you can see in my other posts I was about to give up on Creek for his ear ripping sound untill it got approx. 200 hours where he started to show up what is capable of!!!!!!!! Sweet, warm, smooth sound with jaw dropping soundstage. I have no clue how it might sound with Wharfedales but DO NOT buy that amp without auditioning burned-in unit!!!!!! Here is the deal:
you will either love it or hate it!!!!!!!! (nothing in between)
I have to say that 5350SE Is one of the best bargain on the integrated amps' market BUT only when matched with the right equipment!!!!

Safer choice would be with Evo..........

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"have enough power for future speaker upgrades?"

Speaker upgrades shouldn't assume more power requirements. Often, it's quite the contrary. More power doesn't equal better sound. Some of the best sounding amps I've heard are under 25 watts, matched with reasonably efficient speakers.

Of course, it all depends on taste and listening habits. Everyone's is different.

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The brand new Arcam FMJ A28 impressed me enormously recently. I ahven't tried the cheaper A18 yet, but I'd have to put it on your short list. If it's anything like it's bigger brother, it'll be quite something.
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