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Greetings! Thought I would open my first post with a question.

How does ASL AQ1003 or 1001 compare to Primaluna Prologue 1 or 2? I've listened to the Primaluna Prologue One, but as ASL only sells direct to where I am, there's no way for me to compare. I listen to classical music only, mostly orchestral, and this would be my first dip in the tube water. Thanks in advance!

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You misunderstand ASL's policies. They have an audition period within which time you may return the item for full credit. You will pay only for shipping expenses. You should seriously consider taking advantage of this offer since hearing music through a component in your own listening room is really the most important test you can carry out before making a decision.

Both companies have top notch reputations and equipment. I would suggest you consider a few things about each company which might influence your decision. PrimaLuna's gear employs an auto-bias circuit which eliminates the need for any user adjustment of tube bias. This is convenient and typically leads to long tube life. OTOH, ASL relies on the conventional trim pots to set bias which can be seen as either an advantage or a disadvantage depending upon your point of view. Trim pots allow the user to adjust the sound to some extent by increasing or decreasing the amount of bias running to the output tubes. Of course, running tubes too hot will decrease their life and could make for problems elsewhere if you really over stress the circuits. But you have options with the ASL gear that are not present with the PL.

Read about the tubes used by both companies. While PL provides good sounding tubes many users have substituted other brands for higher performance - at higher cost. Do you wish to spend more money on tubes after buying the PL gear? Tube rolling is common with tube users and the same performance changes could occur with the ASL products when other tubes are installed. Tube products are typically sold with high quality tubes which are chosen for many qualities but great sound is often not the prereqisite for stock tubes from any amplifier company. Investigate the cost of retubing either amplifier since you'll probably need to do this during your ownership of either amplifier.

Read the instruction manuals for both companies to get an idea of how they approach their product's care once it's in your hands. Also consider who will service the product should any problem arise. I doubt either company offers local service but you should know where you will need to send an amplifier for service before the problem presents itself and not after.

Since you do not mention your speakers you might want to read this article before committing to a tube amplifier;

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