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Looks like not buying the 742 right now could be a good decision...should be able to get a really good deal on the 752 in Nov.

I think the 743 is worth waiting for over the 742 for the 7.1 support and digital outputs alone.

Just as I decided to go with the NAD T752, I read your posting. Now i'm not sure what to do.

The NAD T753 lists for $100 more than the T752.
The only added features that I noticed were the 6th amplified channel for a 6.1 setup and the Zone 2 ability with a supplied remote. The total wattage went up from 400 watts to 420 watts. I don't know how significant of a difference that will make though.

I would be interested to know if they were going to upgrade the DSP processor or not. Or any upgrades that would improve the sonics of the 753 over the 752.

What to do, what to do?

Starting to save my bones for a December purchase of the NAD T763!! I will want to see it and hear it first of course. If I don't like it compared to the T762 I'll just back step and buy the T762.

It's all good!

Paul T
Damn I just posted the question of when we would see the T743 since word of the T763 came out a couple days ago here... Well looks like it might be worth waiting for the T753 or T743 since I'm sure they made improvements and upgrades from the T752 and T742...

Yeah, Smitty's link sealed the deal. I posted the link to NAD's news page but it had limited detail about the full new line-up. Luckily I have a NAD authorized dealer a few miles from my house so I'll periodically check in to see if he got them in starting in October.

I guess I'll have to live with my Nak for a few more months :) I'll be 13 years in November since I bought her. Still works flawlessly!

I'm with you mark, what to do what to do ?

I still may opt out for the T752 unless the pre/pro portion and DACS are improved, cause the ampflication to 6 channels and the zone 2 = not interesting 4 me...

Also appears to have the exact same sound modes in th e 753 and 752...

Well, I couldn't wait any longer to get an NAD receiver. I just ordered the T752!!

Based on the recommendations in this forum, I ordered it through Saturday Audio Exchange. What a deal they had!! I got a brand new, factory sealed unit for $649!!! I can't imagine that it will drop all that much more in price once the T753 comes out.

I'm interested to see what version of the firmware is on the unit once I receive it. I'm under the impression that I can go to any NAD dealer to do an upgrade if necessary. Does anyone know what the latest version of the firmware is?

Well, I just wanted to thank all of you for all of your input as to what receiver I should get. It has been very helpful!!

Wow!! The announcement of the 753 really changed everything. Just last Saturday, I got a quote for a 752 from Saturday Audio Exchange and it was for $799. So in the span of five days, they cut the price another $150! My Denon is looking sicker by the minute.

1.20 or above should be the newest version...

If you have 1.6 that is definitely old...

Check out this link below ( be sure and click on the receiver link ) and also let me know what version you get cause I might order mine through saturday audio as well, but I did notice yawaonline has a moving sale going on so I might inquire there as well

John A
Warning and disclaimer: this post is from an audiophile with limited disposable income and a large, movie-buff family to support. It will not be interesting to the seriously rich.

Mark, you did a good thing. You won't regret it.

Hawk, I read your post somewhere about saving for a T7x2. It felt good I was not the only guy here with a hole burning in his pocket and no idea what to get. Tough decision time, Hawk. What will he do, take the money, or open the box....?

All, thanks for the great news that NAD is coming out fighting with the T7x3 range.

Consider that now is the time to get a good deal on a T762, T752 or T742. These will not be rendered obsolete by T7x3. Not if sound quality is your primary concern. When something really new comes along (what?), then they will all go together.

I admit to impoverished but delighted current ownership of a T760, circa 2000. This model was replaced by the T752, and soon by the T753. But my T760 has 5 x 60 W and tremendous sound quality. Features, all I need and more.

One golden feature I have just discovered is EARS. It is great to see it is retained in the new range. EARS is not a surround effect or even "circle sound". It recovers neutral multichannel, and turns a stereo source into something close to DTS. No exaggeration. Wife and children have whole bookshelves full of VHS tapes. Most of them are not available on DVD, even for people with money to burn.

Speaking personally, I would get any T7x2 now, and congratulate myself on having waited. But I have competing demands.

Must go. Off to darn some socks, then visit a jumble sale....

John A.
I have now found one movie we have on both videotape and DVD. EARS is a lot better than Prologic; it separates the front and rear soundstages more convincingly. But "close to DTS" is nonsense and I take it back. I must have been wowed by the comparison with stereo, all we had before. DTS is the benchmark for surround sound.

No official announcement on T7x3 on the NAD site yet, nor from their newsletter. Just a mention of a T763 review, but the link is headed "T762". Take the inside info to the dealer and drop it casually into the conversation.

You read it here first...
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