What's the best mid-priced receiver for 4 Ohm speakers?


I have a set of Radia (Bohlender Graebner) speakers and wanted to know what receiver (price range $500-1500) would be a good match for these 4 Ohm speakers. Thanks

In your price range, there are only two receiver brands that can handle 4 ohm loads:

1. Rotel 1055, MSRP of $1399; and,

2. NAD 752, MSRP of $899 or NAD 762, MSRP of $1299.

Quality level of both is outstanding and the sound from either brand is very close to or better than many separates. However, they have a very different sound. The Rotel is leaner, crisper and a bit laid back (but just a little). The NAD is more powerful, fuller sounding and just a tad forward sounding.

Unlike the japanese mass market brands, both of these brands rate their product in real terms--that is, they rate the receiver's power with all channels driven, not just two channels driven, and consequently, you get real power, not the wimpy strained sounding receiver power from a mass market brand.

I hope this helps.

From the H/K website faq, they claim to handle *most* 4-6ohm speakers with some caveats, I don't know how well they would work with your particular speakers.


I would email hk support describing your particular speaker models if you're interested in one of their receivers.
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