Pioneer vsx-49tx


Terry Marks
I am considering buying pioneer vsx-49tx as a floor model with full warranty for $ 1,500. Can buy new pioneer vsx-47tx for also $ 1,500. Any thoughts on the differences between the two machines. I am using Definitive Tech. BP-10s. I have read that the piioneer elite vsx-49tax can sound bright.
Any thought appreciated

A Elite vsx-49tx for $1500? Sounds like a dream come true to me. This is a truely awesome receiver and in my listening is not bright. A new 47 for $1500 is also a steal. What is the return policy at the store you a dealing with? You should be able to return a receiver for full refund in no less than a week or two. Go for it.

conscious consumer
I have a friend looking to unload a Elite VSX-35 TX, what is it worth???

Terry Marks
I can return the machine in 30 days for full
By the way Pioneer has told me that they have extended upgrading of 49tx to 49txi until december 31



You have been mis-informed. The Pioneer Elite is one of the least bright sounding receivers I have ever heard. It is the ultimate in "laid back". Therefore, it should be a great combo with your Def Techs, which are bright sounding to my ears. They balance each other well, so that is a good combo.
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