Wharfedale vs AE speaker


I am currently thinking of buying either the Wharfedale Diamond 8.3 or Wharfedale Crystal CR-40 or AE Evo-3 speakers.

Does anyone has any comments? Which will be a better speaker to go with Marantz SR-6300, with everything else (amp, cables etc) been the same? This will be for both music and HT.

Thanks a lot in advance.

This from a Wharfedale USA rep -

"Yes they are bi-wireable
They are rear ported
Driver is 5" (same size as 8.1)
Yes it is the exact same tweeter as the 8.1"

I think the 8.1 driver is actually 5.25", and they are front ported (so can be butted up to wall). I have a borrowed pair of Diamond 8.1's which I'm using for satellites, and I'm impressed by their sound. They're about $200 new - and the Crystal 10s are $90 a pair new (free shipping) at www.ecost.com - hence my firing a question off to IAGAMERICA (US Wharfedale branch)...

At $90, seems like you can afford to take a chance.
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