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This is not really a question for tihs forum but I couldnt find a DVD forum and since this seems the most frequented forum, I thought I'd pose my question here. I apologize if its unethical, bad etiquettes or otherwise offensive to anyone.

I am trying to find a SACD/DVD-A carousal for my Home theater. I am assuming such a device would play CD/CD-R/CDRW/DVD-Video at minimum. DVD recordables would be a bonus. Ideally I would like it to be under $200. I would have thought APEX or one the cheaper manufacturer would have come out with such a player. Does anyone know any such players?

NDCD, SACD and DVD-Audio are marketing gimmicks. Don't be a sheep and follow the herd.

What I find interesting is that the same people that say the hype on interconnects is oevrdone are the same people pushing these alternative garbage recordings.

The fact is that theres noyhing "pure" about the alternative recordings just like there is over-hyped interconnects out there.

Nuff said.

Isnt SACD/DVD-A etc taking Logic 7 or Dolby Prologic to the next level, having the encoding on the disc?

John Allen
Isnt SACD/DVD-A etc taking Logic 7 or Dolby Prologic to the next level, having the encoding on the disc?

No. DVD-A like DVD-video is true multichannel, hi-res. Those other systems are not recording formats, but electronic processing devices to give multichannel effects out of stereo recordings. Some of my first LPs were mono recordings "electronically reprocessed to give stereo effect on stereo equipment". Prologic is the same sort of thing. It gives mutichannel effect from stereo recordings if you have multichannel equipment. That's all it does.

At this point no one has a multi-disc universal changer. There are a growing number of single disc players from Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo to name a few.

In multi-disc changers you can choose from SACD or DVD-A but not both at this time, maybe in a few months or so.

In your price range there really is only a few choices (unless you go used and find a good deal). A Sony DVP-NC685V (SACD/DVD 5-disc changer) $240, Pioneer DV-563A (DVD-A/SACD/DVD single disc) $179.

I think SACD sounds great, not that DVD-A doesn't but when I pay $15-20 for a disc it's nice to be able to play them in the CD too. A Hybrid SACD has a CD layer too so you can play them is a regular CD player. If you just want to listen to the 2-channel high res stereo recording it's there too. Three formats on one disc. Plus at such a high resolution I can't tell the difference between the two formats, the 6 channel mastering is often more different between the formats than the formats them selves. Plus I have a rear projection TV so the DVD-A video section is almost worth less as I'm not going to leave the same static screen on for an extended period of time. Most of the extra features on a DVD-A are just fluff. Again that's not to say it doesn't sound good, they both are considerably better than CDs.
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