NAD T743 soon??


Paul T
I see in a earlier post that NAD announced the release of their T763 receiver and wondered has anyone heard a release date for the T743?? I have decided on the T742 but I'm in no BIG hurry to get it today for our livingroom remolding is far from finished. Anyone have a clue when we will see the T743?? Figured it's the third generation of the T74x series and there would be some improvments vs. the T742.

I don't believe NAD has announced a 763. I have seen a product announcement of a new flagship model, the 773, which will be a 7.1 channel receiver at 120 wpc, which will be inserted above the 762 in the product line.

NAD usually has a longer product cycle than the Denon, Yamaha or Onkyos of this world, so I wouldn't expect a 743 until next year.

If any one knows anything different, please let us know!

Yesterday I was the adobe acrobate ( PDF ) files associated with the 763 and 773 models ...

Now they are blocked for some reason...

I was the one you reported it here first. It's on NAD's press room page.

I heard that it's goona be 753, 763 and 773. I know positively that the 763 will have 7x100 watts. The 773 will have 7x110 watts and have THX(no sure of this though)

How come it shows the T742/T762 released on January 9 2003 but then on down it shows the T752/T762 released September 2002 ?

Is the T752 the oldest model ?

Wow, the 763 and 773 are due out Monday, anybody gonna be auditioning them by chance ?

NAD is famous for not releasing "on time" so those dates are not reliable. Take it with a grain of salt. I will keep an ear to the ground though.

Why can't read the release or see pics, a window asking for name and password pops up on me...

Also is the T742 newer then the other T7xx's... and why was the T762 released twice (sept2002 and Jan2003)

I don't know. When I linked it a couple days ago it worked fine. I guess the NAD patrol are out in force.

I do remember that the 752 was released last September because I saw it as we were getting ready to move. I also know I didn't see a 742 until early this year. I don't have a good understanding of when the 762 was released, however.

I was just about to buy an NAD receiver, but now someone says the 763 and 773 are going to be released on Monday? Oh well, here we go again . . .

If anyone wants the cuts sheets, email me at NAD was terribly embarrassed by the delays involving the T762, therefore they are very likely to be fairly close to the projected end October/November release dates. I would expect *some* delay, but there will be a huge amount of pressure to have them before X-mas. Unless they get screwed by vendors, they'll be here pretty soon.

The new NAD recievers T773; T763; T753 and T743

Check this link
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