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Have old Sony STR D790 receiver which doesn't have any digital connects. Was wondering if the Yamaha 5540 would brighten things up? Currently using MTX Monitor 10 speakers and will be adding speakers to 5.1 system down the road. Any advice or insight would be helpful. Sony sounds ok, but feel things could be better. THANKS!

Hey larry I have the HTR-5540 and I love it!! I would suggest you try the Marantz SR-4300 or the SR-5300 or the Pioneer Elite VSX-41TX. Check these receiver out. But the cool thing with the HTR-5540 is that you can do Dolby Digital and DTS through the front two speakers. It is called Virtual Cinema. It really works!! But try out the the other receivers first and try the Yamaha last.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Sarandon for input, but those receivers you listed are a little out of my price range. With my current speakers, they pack a heavy punch (deep bass and little lacking in mids), do u think the Yamaha will brighten up some? Also, does digital connects "really" make a noticeable difference? Thanx again!!!!

I bought a Sony Surrond Pro Logic HT system about 5-6 years ago, which I still have. I think it was 40watts to each channel with a sub, will never buy Sony Audio again. I bought a Yamaha HTR 5540 (or is the HTR 5440) I don't remember the exact model number, for $299 at BestBuys about 3-4 years ago, 65watts x5. I hooked it up to the Sony speakers and sounded alot better. I started to replace the Sony's with Paradigm's and the reciever was able to power them, and about a month ago replaced the Yamaha with a Rotel PreAmp and Amp, the Paradigm's sound even better compared to the Yamaha. I was satisfied with the Yamaha running the Sony Speakers(its running them in the bedroom HT system now) and did a decent job with the Paradigms. Yamaha is a decent brand if your looking to spend under $350-$400 on a reciever, anything higher you would need to look into other brands. You might want to look into the Denon line also, I've heard good things about them. Things can always sound better, it just depends on how much better you want it to sound and if your willing to pay for it.

Well Larry the answer is yes!!! The Yamaha will brighten up those speakers you have!!! That's because to some people the Yamaha is bright. What type of digital connects are you looking for?


It will be coaxial. Thanks again to all that have responded. Makes me feel more confident about buying decisions.

This was stated in a HTR-5540 consumer review...can anyone confirm or contradict this? My DVD player doesn't have any other digital ouput other than coaxial. Thanks again.

1. Coaxial digital input can only be used when you select CD as input.

With the Yamaha you can switch the inputs. so you can have the DVD go through the digital coax.

I have HTR-5540 and I can always switch back & forth the coaxial and optical digital inputs for DVD or dedicated CD player. In other words, the the two digital inputs are user's assignable. You have to set this up on the receiver setup menu.

Thanks again to all of those that responded.

Dont get a Yamaha for MTX speakers, first of all they take a lot of power to drive which the 5540 would not have. I dont mean Yamaha is bad but a Harman Kardon would be much much better for the MTX's. See the following link: http://www.ecost.com/ecost/ecce/shop/detail.asp?dpno=236583


You are a little late, already got a Yamaha in transit to the house. Will post back when I get it up and running, but thanx anyway for your input.
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