Stereo receiver driving mono speakers


I have several rooms wired for mono speakers. These will be used for background music.
I am looking for a stereo reveiver that can be run in mono mode or perhaps a device that will allow me to brigde stereo speaker outputs into mono.
I will need about 200 watts total power.
Space is a consideration. I would like to go with a receiver rather than separate tuner and amp.
Cost is another consideration. I would like to spend about $300.
All suggestions are welcome.

Here is a list of Receivers under $300.

If you really want to have speakers in more than two rooms, you are going to need to spend a little more than $300. Bridging the amp has nothing to do with what you are trying to accoplish. Most home audio amps cannot be bridged anyway.
here is the link to a product that does what you need.

Here is another that powers six speakers, goes for $200.
link to page.

Here is another that powers six speakers, goes for $200, but is strictly a switcher, requiring an additional amplifier, and can only power 1 pair od speakers at a time.
link to page.
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