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Does any one know the specifications for denon d60 shelf system? I got a used denon d60 without speakers(satellites and superwoofer).

Yes. That is a fine system, and it came packaged with the Mission M71 speakers, which made for an awesome combo. You can get the M71s from any Mission dealer.

Lewis Mambe
my system (denon d60 personal component system) came with two speakers (usc 60). Now, I want to add a superwoofer since it has a line out for a superwoofer. What subwoofer can I add? Give power, frequency response, size and make.

You should be able to add any subwoofer that is a powered subwoofer, that is, it has its own dedicated amp built in.

thomson malasha
I have a d60 denon system whose cd player continously spins oncce system is on but does not read discs. I have cleaned lens repeatedly but problem goes on. Also it does not open.What could be the problem and its solution?

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This is a good sub for a reasonable price:

http://www.vertigoonline.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=AES &Category_Code=A4
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