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I had a new sound system professional installed. They used a Denon AVR 3803 reciever that clips whenever it is on. The receiver sits on it's own shelf with 1" clearance on the bottom and about 4' in the top. The system is installed in a cabinet but Ieave the door open when it is in use because of the heat. The people who installed this system now say I need to install fans because of the heat. Of course they will do it for another $300 + . They assume no responsibility for the problem. Can I install fans myself? What kind of quiet fan could I buy that plugs into my system? The system is great when it works but clipping 15 times during a movie is more than frustrating.

Cain Puki
hmmmm. could be another problem besides the heat...I mean, if these are professionals they are responsible for determining the problems. It could be a number of things, like there is a wiring problem (short circuits, etc.) Wrong type of speakers, (resistance). It's probably something that the installers did wrong and they just want to charge you extra for another installation such as the fan. In the meantime they will go in there and fix the real problem which may or may not be what they say. I have some friends who own this unit and they've had no problems with heat and these guys can work a receiver.

How long have you had this unit install? If these are professional(???), they should stand behind their work and go check their installation again. Try listening to moderate volume so that the receiver does not build up any heat. If it clips, demand that these professional go back and fix what they screwed-up.

TAKE IT BACK! There is no good reason for your receiver to be clipping that has anything to do with heat. It clips because the receiver is not a match for your speakers. They clearly need more power than that receiver has (I too have the Denon and it has no where near the power that the manufacturer claims). If they won't take it back and give you a full refund, sue them for fraud (as an attorney, I am giving informed advice).

Try replacing it with an NAD T762 receiver. it is the same price as the Denon, but has a much better power supply (as well as NAD's patented soft clip circuitry), and it will handle more complex speaker impedence loads, which sounds like the root of the problem.

Thank you all so much for your advice. I too think it is the reciever, but before installers will do anything, they demand we try a fan first. The system will play for hours sometimes and others will clip when it is first started. I had them out the other day II couldn't get it to clip for two hours. They left and you guessed it the darn thing started to clip. I am not ready to give up but want it fixed. I contracted with these men in May. They started to instal my "easy job" in early June and finished about two weeks later. (My house was already wired by other "geniuses" ) I really love the system when it doesn't clip. We have sound throughout the house and outside.


Buy a small desk type fan, plug it into the back of the receiver into a switched outlet, that way it will turn on whenever the receiver is turned on. Place the fan behind the receiver, if possible, blowing forward over the top of the receiver--this will blow the heat generated by the receiver out of the rack or cabinet.

What speakers are you driving with this receiver?

Could'nt you ring Denon direct and tell them of your problem. If they have any concern for you - their paying customer I'm sure they'd have something to say to those bozo's. Make sure you give them contact details and get them to promise to ring them to find out. Tell them they are being very unhelpful and you feel the only way to resolve this is for a Denon representative to get involved.

I think if your reciever needed a fan Denon would have installed one in the first place otherwise they would have many disgruntled customers!



Thanks so much. I will try the fan and follow up on all your suggestions. I am so glad I found you. I also will make a cpy of these messages and give them to my contractors. I have written an E-mail to Denon but so far have bad no response. That is why I came to you.

Update...I phoned Denon and they got in touch with my contractor. They arrived yesterday and redid the whole system (without the fan) with no charge and it works perfectly now. Your advice was great thanks again.
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