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After purchasing a pair of c5's, my heart was set on the pioneer vsx-45tx. I have since read that the c5's and the 45tx make a terrible match because of their laid back sound. If you have any information regarding this match-up, please respond. I am 21 years old. Sub $1000 dollar receiver alternatives are welcome (new or used).

It will be a two channel set up with the majority of the time spent on music. Recently the yamaha rx-v1, marantz sr7300 ose and 8200 are tantalizing though there are channel-dropout problems with the rx-v1. I hear great things about the Nad t762.

Let me clarify one more thing; I am not an audiophile. My last system was a sony mini-system (one of those 50 disc jobs with 600 watts! Don't laugh). I am sure at this price point, and considering my history, I will be happy with any one of these receivers. However, I need true reproduction of music. I don't need a shower of formats, just some damn good construction and great amps and dacs. Thank you. Those of you shaking your head at this point must learn to be more lenient with new converts. Thank you.

Check out the Yamaha RXV receivers. They are the best match with the Energy speakers. I currenty have the C-7's and C-1's hooked up with the Yamaha RXV 3300. Great CD music, DVD audio and movies. HK 525 receiver was terrible for DVD audio and movies. Great for music though.

One more thought, if your looking for two channel music on your C5s, also check out the Yamaha RXV 777 receiver. It only a two channel receiver and has great sound with deep bass and crisp highs.

As you can see, Im a little partial to Yamaha; however, I have checked them all out including HK,Denon and Onkyo... In my opinion, Yanaha has the best sound all around that I like....Good luck..
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