Looking for a reciever, any input.


OK I am looking for a 6.1 receiver. Right now I am only using stereo with my Athena AS-F2s. But I will add the rest of the Audition series for 6.1 (Except the sub). I am young (21) and I don't want to spend more than $500. Anyway So far I like the Yamahas. Good features, nice sound (though a little bright), and the fact that I don't need a lot of power because the room is not large and the F2s are 93db, so clipping is not to much of a concern (I hope), and I can get them cheap (htr-5590 for $480) I don't like Sony for obvious reasons. I don't like the features of the sound of Pioneer. Kenwood acts weird (especially with the digital inputs). I want to know what yall think about Denon, Onkyo, and others. I don't care about your experiences with 10 or 20 year old amps, cause we all know they don't make 'em like the used to (Ex: Pioneer, maybe Elite). Any input.

If you don't care about Dolby Pro-Logic II format, get an Outlaw 1050 (www.outlawaudio.com). It has gotten incredible reviews for its sound quality and it would be a killer combo with your Athenas. They don't update their receiver each year to add new features, so it doesn't have Pro-logic II format, but I haven't seen that much out in Pro-logic II anyways.

If you do want pro-logic II, look into a Marantz 5300. It is as clean as the Yamaha, but a whole lot smoother and much more musical. All in all, a better combo with the Athenas

While the Outlaw Audio doesn't have Dolby Pro-Logic II format, I would be suprised if the very good Zoran processor they use doesn't have its own algorithm that performs similarly. I know it even has an algorithm for 6.1 and some other effects. Plus, Outlaw audio allows you to return the receiver in 30 days and get your money back if you are less than overjoyed.

Afterall, Dolby Prologic II is nother more than an algorithm to simulate a 5.1 format. No company makes discs or anything for Prologic. It is just a fairly effective way to make your CD's, TV, or other source material sound like DVD-Video or Audio in 5.1.

Can someone please explain the advantages of having a receiver that has all channel capabilities?
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