Onkyo TX-SR601 or TX-SR700?


Hey guys, I am on the fence about which receiver to buy. In my price range are the Onkyo TX SR601 and SR700. The 601 has 32-bit DAC's and the 700 has 24-bit DAC's. The power rating drops 15 watts from the 700 to the 601 and the 601 has the DTS 96-24 surround mode and a few more features. I might be able to pawn my girlfriend to buy the 701, but I'm inclined to keep her for the time being so I have somebody to enjoy the new amp with. Between the 601 and 700, which is the better choice? Thanks in advance.

The 601 (and probably the 700) has 32 bit CPUs not DACs. See http://www.onkyousa.com/ for specs. The current 701 is THX certified, has direct bypass mode, a phono pre-amp, full pre-amp ouy and like you said more power.
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