Harman Kardon AVR525 or AVR325


Im hoping you guys can help me out in deciding on which receiver is best to get, I can't seem to find many sites that give reviews but found this one with some pretty good recommandations, right now i'm debating on either one of the two Harman Kardon AVR525 or AVR325 models. But that doesnt mean that all others are out of the question ofcourse, i'm looking to spend about 500 for 7.1 capable receiver MAINLY for watching DVD's and regular tv, I dont have any spearkers yet but was thinking of getting them over priced Bose speakers or if anyone has any better recommandations i'm all ears...

I'm about to receive a 325 and previously owned a 320. It's a good unit with more power than the ratings. The big differences between the two are bass management for the 6/8 channel input, more power on the 525, HDCD decoding and a lighted remote. How big is your room?

Don't buy the overpriced Bose. You can get better value for your money from Axiom Audio, Ascend Acoustics, Athena, NHT, PSB, Energy, Acoustic Research, Aperion Audio, Klipsch and many others.

Are you looking for bookshelf speakers, satellites w/sub, floorstanding speakers? What's your budget? I'm sure you'll get plenty of recommendations.

Thanks for reply GT, the units i was looking at are about 150 in price differance, do you think the price differance is worth the differance in the receivers?

My room is pretty large, dont have exact measurements but its about hell im not sure i dont want to give wrong measurements, but right now all i have is a 53" pioneer projection tv.

i was loking for satellites /sub, i havent been looking around much at spearkers yet but once i get the receiver i know i will want to get speakers right after. my budget for speakers is about 400-500, my total spending is not much over 1,000 for both receiver and speakers, i can go little higher if necessary.

If you are thinking of getting the HK 325/525, you are going to have to spend more than $400-500 on speakers to do justice to the receiver. You should be thinking at least 2x that amount.
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