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Hello everyone,

I am super newb at this stuff.. I just started trying to figure out how the recievers, sub and speakers work. Also I am on very low budget probably around $500 for the whole package. Can you guys please give some tips on what type of reciever, subs, speakers fall with in this budget. Ofcourse I want it to sound as good as possible. This is for a room probably 15x15

Can you also point me to someplace where I can learn how to connect stuff...

I know this could be a pretty dumb thing to ask you guys, who know the ins and outs of this stuff.. But I need a starting point..

Appreciate ur time

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Home theater or 2 channel stereo?

Since you are posting in Home Audio I will take the short leap that you are looking for two channel audio.

Just CDs and tuner or possibly turntable too?

Forget the turntable idea with your budget.

You can only do so much with your budget. There are some folks on this forum who are really up on online dealers who can direct you to speakers, but for receiver and CD player you may want to think Craigslist or pawn shops. Do not even bother with a subwoofer as it will be a waste of cash and you should spend whatever you thought it would cost on your CD player. By that I mean there are no subs out there to fit your criteria that could add to the sound quality. It will just be rumbling noise at a lower frequency level. A better source will make any speaker before better.

Good luck!

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Thx Micheal,

I can probably push my budget some more..

I was looking at some recievers this weekend..
Does anyone have had any experiences with this receiver

And this woofer..

If this combination is alright.. I would really like to know what kind of speakers would go with this..

Thx everyone..

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Ok you are 50/50 so far.

Very nice choice on the receiver. I guess I was wrong with the 2 channel thought process above, unless...

you pick up a pair of decent front speakers and save up for later on the center and surrounds.

Do not buy a Sony sub, it is a waste of your cash.

Search out Velodyne or HSU, perhaps even used, or save some pennies for a bit and buy a sub that can deliver. The Sony will not do anything for you.

I will leave the speaker recommendations to others.

What is your source?

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Username: Mike3

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Stu Pitt posted some good info for you to read on this thread.
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