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I thought I had decided on the NAD t752 receiver. I gave it one last listen tonight, and found something disturbing. Generally, I thought the sound was great, but I found that when the 2nd track of my cd started, the first split second of music was cut off. I don't know if it's relevant that that track starts right away rather loud. Anyway, using the same source player, this problem didn't happen with other receivers and happened each time I played that track with the NAD. Is there some setting or something on the receiver that can be adjusted to avoid this? I'd sure like to hear advice according to which this is fixable, because otherwise I really love this reciever. Thanks.

Let me guess, you bought a reconditioned NAD.

If you did, then let that be a lesson.


What connection are you using from the CD player into the receiver?

I think I wasn't sufficiently clear in my original post. I haven't yet purchased the T752; I had gone in to audition it one last time. Fact is, I don't know what connection the dealer was using (from a dvd/cd player). If I had to guess, I'd say it was probably one of the digital (either coaxial or optical) connections.

Since posting this question last night, I tried to do a bit more internet research and found an interesting comment in a Gramaphone magazine review of the NAD T571 dvd player. The review mentioned that one might be well served to use analogue connections between a dvd player and a receiver when listening to a cd to avoid the problem of the digital datastream being interrupted at the beginning of each track on a cd. Perhaps the T752 was connected digitally while the other receiver I was using for comparison (some Denon or other - I really just wanted something to contrast against the NAD) was connected by analogue ic? I might be able to phone the dealer and ask, but the salesman seemed a bit bumbling and I'm not confident that I'll get a reliable answer.

On a related note, I am also in the market for a dvd player. I would use it about 60% for music and 40% for movies. I'd like progressive scan (for the day when I upgrade my tv set). I don't think I care about SACD or DVDA and such. Firstly, I'm interested in general recommendations. Secondly, if I'm considering the NAD T532 do you think I'd be making a mistake to get it "refurbished" (Hawk, I've seen - and plan to take - our advice about refurbished receivers; is the situation similar for dvd players)? Next, does anyone have any comments about the NAD T571 or T572? Does anyone know what, exactly, are the differences between these (is it that the 571 doesn't offer 3:2 pulldown)?

I really appreciate any constructive comments anyone can make (Hawk - I've learned a lot from your posts on this forum). Anonymous, if you have specific advice, I'd appreciate knowing it. Thanks.


Your internet search yielded what I thought the problem might be. It is unfortunately not uncommon for this type of problem to crop up on almost any brand of receiver when using the optical connections. I have never heard why, but this was what I suspected when I saw that it cropped up on the 2nd track. There have been a lot of people who have posted this issue on this forum and I can say it happens with every brand, from time to time.

Anthony Law

While I was researching the T752 I came across a site (which I can't find anymore...argh) that described the exact same problem.

It said NAD is aware of the issue & has a chip (eprom?) upgrade to fix it FYI.

NAD support says the t752 v1.22 software upgrade addresses this problem.
Has anybody confirmed this? My 752 v.1.20 with digital coaxial and 532 dvd player experiences this problem with audio tracks.


John Allen

I think the processor takes some time to detect the format of a digital source and respond accordingly, while the player has already started playing. So it should be OK with an analogue connection. I have that problem with DVDs but not CDs and this could be why. I don't find it a big problem; DVDs all start with nonsense and warnings anyway; I press "go to menu" and things are fine.

Other things being equal you will want to use the superior DACs i.e. if they are better in the player, use analogue; in the receiver, digital. In those two NADs they are the same, I think.

I have a T532 and am delighted with it.

Can you post the Gramophone link?

In that traditional world I get the impression from CD Review that DVD-Audio is strange and untried. But it will not be for long; it is something. You might be interested in What does"DVD-audio" mean here?


John Allen
I have just checked, and there is indeed a delay of about 1 second (gasp; life is so short) before you get a new digital format after a switch. So if your stereo CD is quick off the mark, and you last played a DVD, you will get up to one second clipped off the start of the CD. If you switch to "CD" channel, and that is analogue, there is no problem. If you last played a CD on the digital channel there is no problem, either.

Admittedly we live in an age of instant gratification, but personally I would far rather have good sound quality than worry about glitches like this, it is not a real world scenario.

If you have serious recordings on CD you will anyway have up to 10 seonds of ambience to get you into the acoustic, and you lose just one second off that. When recordings produce massive sound out of the vacuum of space (digital zero) then the recording engineers are cloth-eared clowns anyway.

If this makes me an NAD cult member, so be it. I know which I would choose. But good luck to all who feel this one matters. Each to his own.

All the best,


Hi all,

This site has been very informative to me...I am about to buy a T752 and at least I know what I am about to get into by reading all these constructive warnings. By the way it will be helpful for people to start putting their unit's manufacture date with messages. At least by doing so, all of us will have some idea of when the frequency of problems rose since T752 was introduced. Perhaps we can convey that information to NAD if they care to know... We all can be a part of good consumer watchdogs as well as audiophiles.

By the way I am still buying T752 because I fell in love with the way it sounds despite all these known problems.... Wish me a good luck!

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