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I am researching receivers to upgrade from my old (92) 60w stereo receiver. I've bought better speakers and need a 6.1 system with more power, although I have a good powered subwoofer (ACI) So far I've researched Yamaha, Marantz, Onkyo/Integra, Denon. I want to keep the purchase price around $600. I leaning toward Marantz because of their rep and local distributor. Their units don't seem to have as many features, although people love the quality and sound. A second issue is about buying through a discounter, and saving around $100 or not, or going for a better unit with the saved money. I am soliciting opinions on the best receiver in the $600 range.

What were those "better speakers" if you dont mind me asking. We/I need to know if you expect to get an accurate answer.Personaly I would recomend the Pioneer ELite VSX-45TX (or the new 55TX) For that price range, escpecialy if your a newbie at HT because it sets up your speaker system for you. Also has "that legendary tube amp sound"IMHO Pioneer Elite has laid back their receivers to get the tube amp sound.(This is why we need to know your speakers)
Just one more thing to add, have you checked out


Have to agree with G.DawG, here. Your speaker choice is very relevant to the receiver you should choose.

Hawk, Dawg, thanks for the reply.
I've recently bought ACI Sapphires for front speakers, an ACI powered subwoofer
and energy take 2.2 for rear speakers, one take 1.2 for the center channel. I am new to HT. My current Denon 60w 1992 receiver, need to be upgraded as per the last post, Any advice or recommendations ?


I have to admit I don't know your speakers, so I can't help there. As for buying a receiver, I have always followed the policy of always buying from an authorized dealer. However, some authorized dealers give really good discounts (e.g., One Call, Saturday Audio, etc.), so that doesn't mean you can't save a few bucks.

Best 6.1 receiver for $600? Well, I would recommend a few. You mentioned Marantz and I think that is a real good choice (model 6300 should be available for just about $600). I also like the Outlaw 1050, available from Outlaw Audio ( for $499. The sound is incredible, like quality separates. However, it does not have Dolby Pro-Logic II, which for some people is a deal breaker. Only you can decide if it is important to you. Almost all DVDs are encoded in Dolby Digital and perhaps one other format, but it remains to be seen which of the other formats will prevail in the market and become a standard. Pro-logic II isn't there yet. Finally, One Call is offering the Harman/Kardon 525Z, a factory refurbished 525, for $511.99. I think that is a steal at that price.

Do not get yourself caught up in the "features" wars. Today's features are tomorrow's curiosities as they will never be used after you use them once. So many receivers are so caught up in having something unique that they have sacrificed good, honest sound quality, and you will get tired of the sound and stop using it. Then all you have is an expensive doorstop. I know because I bought my Denon for that reason (features) and I have regretted it ever since.

I hope this helps.

John Allen

"Pro-logic II isn't there yet".

It never will be.

Prologic and Prologic II are not going to replace Dolby Digital and DTS. DD and DTS are genuine multi-channel formats. Prologic and Prologic II are ways of giving surround effects from two-channel recordings by extracting phase information and bass, and distributing that to the 5.1 channels. They are a fudge. Prologic (II) is a better fudge than "Dolby Surround" and helps VHS tapes along nicely, but I don't think you'll be buying those if you have DVD.

Anybody seen the new Sony ES line?They look like Kenwoods soverine series, except uglier somehow.

I heard a pair of Sapphire speakers the other day at Tweeter and they sound great but I cannot find any info on them. These are not the ACI sapphire speakers but a new company founded by a guy from Infinity and a guy from Klaus. Any feedback on these speakers? As good as they sounded I am hesitant to buy speakers unless I can find out more about them.


why do you have info on them (sapphire speakers)? if they sound good to you then buy them. why do you need the opinion of these people to tell you what to buy? if i were a betting man i would probably guess that half of them don't know what the hell they are talking about anyhow

Sapphire speaker info is available by requesting a brochure thru their website: (Tivoli Design/Sapphire Audio/Kloss) I was also impressed by these speakers at Tweeter, but no literature was available at the store.

Sapphire speakers, specs:
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