Receivers and component video


my tv has more than enough connectors (DVI, component, Svideo...). Isnt it better to direct connect video sources to tv instead of running throught the receiver? So video switching may not be an important factor in my selection. After advise on previous post (thanks all) I am looking the following:

HK 225 or 325refirb
Marantz sr4300

input appreciated

Sending everything to the TV first will produce a better picture but video switching, VCR to VCR recording and Dolby digital usually aren't available.

Most devices these days have two sets of outputs so you can run a hybrid system.

See my March 7th, March 27th and April 7 posts in Home > Discussions > BBS > Home Video > DVD Players > DVD to VCR to TV to Stereo hook up.

Hope this helps.

Al Holland
I have found that the video quality can be as good or better when routed through the receiver or pre/pro, depending on the quaility of their video circuitry.
I am using an Integra 8.2 and the picture is not degraded through it. On the other hand the picture is not as good through my Rotel 1066 as it is with the Integra.
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