How important is the warranty for receiver ?


C. Sun
I plan to get a Yamaha V2300 or Denon 3802, and
found that I could save >300$
if I get it from non-authorized dealer. The receiver looks very solid to me,
I wonder whether it's worthy the pay for more than 300$ for the 2 year warranty. Thanks.

Warranties are almost never worth getting. If they were, no one would sell them :-) To pay about a third or quarter of the price for a receiver for a 2 year warranty is crazy. I would think the receiver comes with at least a one year warranty and most electronics if they are going to screw up do it very quickly---unless you mistreat it or spill liquids into it.

By the way there are some non-authorized dealers that stand behind their products. I bought my Montor Audio G10's from a non-authorized dealer--saved over 20% and within a week I noticed a woofer problem. They paid for the shipping and replaced the woofer and sent it back. Worked like a charm. Of course, I bought 4 G10's and a Pioneer 49txi receiver and a Pioneer 47 DVD SACD/DVD-Audio player from them too---so I am sure they wanted to keep me happy for when I buy I new plasma or rear projection set:-)

C. Sun
Thanks G-Man for the suggestion.
I don't think receiver is as easy to get water spilled as laptop. But since I'm a newbie to
home theater system, I'm a little worried that
improper wiring may cause short-circuit and burned the receiver.
Anyway, I'll take your suggestion, and save $$
for better speakers :)

C. Sun--You're welcome. When wiring up your system just make sure the volume is set very low when you turn it on. In general it is quite improbable to short your system out, as most of the connections are very low voltage and wattage and most quality receivers have good built-in protection.

Of course, I recommend using a good power surge device on your equipment.

How about speakers ? Are they easier broken ?
Would warranty be more important ?
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