NAD T742 or T752


I plan to purchase either a NAD T742 or T752 receiver. The T742 is a bargain and the T752 is refurbished. Any thoughts? Am I likely to be significantly happier with the 752 (and what factors would be relevant here)? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Daniel Benatar
only one major change between the 752 and 742 the 752 has more power than the 742. Other then that, both receiver have very clean sound. So the question is how big is your room ? and if you need the extra power of the 752 ? If you have more budget, I think that you can take a look and audit the T762 sound quality is better then these two, and it has 100watt per channel.


If you believe now that you would be happier with the 752 in the long run and you can afford the difference, I say get it. I always advise that a buyer get the most receiver (or amp) that they can afford. One should never regret their purchase.

On the differences, I took a look at the NAD product literature that I brought home and I see a few. You know about the greater power, but the 752 has the "Power Drive" technology, which means it has twin power rails for faster transient response, it has component video inputs (2) and output, it has 7.1 inputs (for DVD-Audio) as opposed to the 5.1 inputs for the 742 (SACD). The 752 also has a detachable power cord (some people are upgrading their power cables these days), 2 subwoofer outputs, and it appears to have a better remote. That is what I can see, but there may be more.

Good luck!

It doesn't look like the 742 has an OSD (on screen display) if that matters to you.

It's also unclear to me from reading the manuals, but one other difference might be the adjustable sub crossover setting, from the OSD screen shots (page 16) it looks like the sub crossover is adjustable on the T752. However, the literature doesn't really describe this (or at least I couldn't find where it did). The T742 meanwhile doesn't have an OSD, so it's hard to tell if the sub crossover is adjustable. In fact it doesn't even say what the actual crossover frequency is.


I got an answer back from NAD on the T742 sub crossover frequency. Funny, I've never seen it specified as a range before:

"The sub crossover frequency used on the T742 receiver is 80-100hZ. It is fixed sub not variable."

If it's really 100hz, that would be one more plus for choosing the T752.

I'm also trying to decide between the T742 and T752 (and the HK AVR325 but it's too expensive here in Canada [Incredibly, it's priced almost the same as the NAD T762]). The 752 is about US$200 more expensive than the 742, I'm not really interested in any of the extra features *today* but who knows in a year or two.

Hawk, I have relatively efficient speakers (94db center, 95db font l/r, 91db rears) and believe the 742 would provide enough power for my listening levels. Is there any reason to go for more power other than volume? Would I be able to get away without a sub (to a greater extent) with the 752 compared to the 742?

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