Onkyo TXSR-601 or H/K AVR 225


Im using Polk rm6005 satellites. Which is the better receiver for movies and t.v. enhancement.
Onkyo TXSR-601 or H/K AVR 225?

folks: any response to this one?
i'm looking at an onkyo txsr-601 myself. . the dealer was quite keen to show off its "better"(compared to the 501/600) power supply and heat sink.the store has a good offer on a marantz sr-4300. i hvnt auditioned either one with my own souces, so they both sound pretty good to me at first listen - the onkyo seems a tad more detailed
If i dont care too much about a second zone, would you recommend the marantz or the hk 225 over the onkyo?

oh, yes - usage would be about 60% audio, 40% home theatre

V.C.--get the onkyo. It is far better suited for the HT.

qwik learner--get the Marantz or the H/K. They both do better on music than does the Onkyo. However, let me know what speakers you have because that can make a difference.

On the same vein, I was thinking of getting the Onkyo 601 and pairing it with Fluance's speaker package for my apartment HT setup. Mianly DVD movies and TV and some music. Any suggestions?

listened to the onkyo-601 with klipsch quintet ii speakers - sounded pretty good. am leaning onkyo-wise despite your advice, hawk.

but i'm pushing a little beyond my budget, so are there other speaker systems that any of you folks'd recommend with the onkyo?
constraint: have to be satellites

I recently purchased an onkyo-601 with jbl scs 150 package (added a JBL center for 6.1). I use the system solely for HT and have been very impressed. I've heard that both are good for HT but may lack in music so keep that in mind. The JBL speakers look really cool but the sub is quite large. It is powerful but it will take up a lot of room. My whole audio system with receiver, speakers, cables, and power protection came to about $1500

There is a new satellites system from M & K that I have heard once--it sounded very good and it would go very well with the Onkyo. I don't know the price however. I do know the JMlabs Sib/Cub system is a great combination for your Onkyo. The price for the 5 satellites and sub is $1195 (before any discounts), which may be beyond your price range, but is sure does sound good. If so, check out the Polk 6700 system or the Athena Point 5 system ($800).

Good luck.

Thanks a lot, Hawk and Anonymous - appreciate your advice - will chk out your suggestions.
Do you(or anyone else) have an opinion on the KEF KHT 2005 speaker set, I'm told it's a little under the JMLabs Sib/Cub pricewise - any input on how would it sound with an onkyo-601 for music?
Hope to chk them out over the weekend..thanks again

what does the group think of the accoustimas 16

qwik learner:

The KEF system is very, very good, but I would be surprised if you could get them for less than the JMlabs Sib/Cub. I believe their MSRP is $1500. A little negotiation should get the JMlabs price down. However, I really like the KEFs regardless of price, but only for a small room. They get lost in anything larger than 1500 cubic feet. The KEFs also need more power to really shine. I first heard them with an Onkyo 600 and that was not a powerful enough amp to really make them work well. I don't know about the 601, but I understand it is more powerful than the 600. But I will say the KEFs are very musical--you woulde probably like them.

BTW, if you really want something as small and cute as the KEFs that I know will work well with the Onkyo, check out the Home Theater package available at One Call (www.onecall.com). For less than $600, you can get five NHT superZero atellites and a Phase Tech Power 8 subwoofer. This is a killer system for small rooms and it is the perfect sonic match for the Onkyo. The SuperZeros were on the Stereophile Recommended Components list for five years straight. They are now discontinued, but One Call bought up the remaining production, so you can get a killer deal on them. The sub is a great sub, too, especially for the money (MSRP is $325 for the sub alone).

Mr. Toad:

I will admit my bias against Bose speakers. I have yet to hear any Acoustimass system that sounded good--they simply don't reproduce anything below about 400-500 hz, so you are missing a lot of the music information. It is like five transistor radios! The packaged subwoofer is not a subwoofer at all, but a woofer for all five channels. That wrecks havoc with the imaging, so that is why I think they suck. No matter how brilliant Dr. Amir Bose is, you can't change the laws of physics, only market to suckers (seems like it is a big market, too, judging by their sales).

If you want something as small and cute as Acoustimass system, check out the KEF 2005.2 we are discusing above. They actually look better than the Bose and sound far better, too. Also I recommend the One Call package described above.

Hawk & other folks expert on audio.

I am also interested on getting KEF KHT-2005.2 (newer version of KHT-2005). I already auditioned
its old version in one of the high-end A/V dealers in our area, I was amazed on how the satellite sounds very accurate specially the imaging, clarity and 3D effects, the only con I have noticed was that the sub couldn't make the right punch.

Based on the review that I've read about the new version, the sub was totally redesigned with 250 watts amp & 10" woofer in sealed type enclosure. Plus its satellite frequency response has been extended to 27KHz.

Currently, I'm using an old Yamaha RX-V995 rcvr. with mix/match speakers. Also I have plan an upgrade to RX-V2400 (new model coming) as soon as my budget permits late this year. Now my question is, if I get the new KEF sub/sat, will it matched with my old yamaha?
and any thoughts how will it sound on new yamie?
Pls. advise . . .

Thanks in advance.

One diff between Harmon Kardon AVR225 and Onkyo SR601 is that the Onkyo is 6.1 receiver.

How much of a difference does the extra rear center/surround make in a HT environment?

Is it worth spending an extra $50 (I found HK for $349 and Onkyo for $399 at J&R) for the 6.1 surround

Thanks for your opinions


Well, I haven't heard the combination of the KEF 2005.2 with the Yamaha, but it should be OK. The Yamaha is very bright and aggressive and the KEFs are more laid back. The KEFs need a bunch of real power to get them to strut their stuff, and you should have it (don't believe the manufacturers power rating--it is a lie) with the RX-V2400, which is probably a true 60-65 wpc receiver (when 5 channels are driven). So all in all, it is a combo that should work well.


I am not impressed with 6.1. Anything encoded is encoded in 5.1 surround sound and the sixth channel is created by summing up the back two channels. It really adds nothing, unless you have a very wide room and you have a hole in the rear center--even then I question its value.

I would suggest that you audition both receivers, against one another if possible, using the same speakers and source material, and then decide which one sounds the best to you. You may find one does a better job of resolving the sound to your satisfaction and it may be worth an additional $50 to get it. Or you may find the less expensive receiver does a better job, in which case yo have saved $50.

Good luck
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