DVD Player for NAD T742 Receiver


Oscar Bosca
I have decided buying the NAD T742 receiver
but which DVD Player should I buy now ?
the NAD T512/T532 or maybe HK or what ?
I listen to classic music.


Are you looking for a combo DVD/CD player or are you looking for a dedicated CD player? I ask because I have read some wonderful reviews of the NAD C521i, which is a dedicated CD player and it can be had for a very resaonable price. The NAD T512/532 players are combo DVD/CD players.

Oscar Bosca
Hi Hawk

I'm interested in listening to music but
if I buy a DVD/CD player I'll be able to
enjoy DVD movies as well. My doubt is
which player should I buy.

I would go for the T532 if you think you are going to have a HDTV in your future simply because it has progressive scan. If not, the 512 will do fine. Both of the NAD players have separate power supplies for the transport and the audio sections, which I believe gives them a distinct advantage over other DVD players, both in terms of sound and picture.

The only other player I suggest is the Sony DVP-NS755V, which has a great picture (progressive scan) and is capable of playing SACDs (if that is something you want).

Oscar Bosca
Well, I won't mix brands and I'll go for NAD T742 and NAD T512. In Spain the T742 costs 689 Euros and the T512 399 Euros.


John Allen
I think the T532 will have better sound than the T512, too, because of its 24/96 Crystal DACs. The two players are outwardly identical, and have the same user manual, but the T532 allows you to choose 24/96 for audio.

John Allen
Oscar: Especially for classical music.

John Allen
I have just looked at
and see the T742 receiver has 24/96 DACs. So, if you have the T512 player, make sure you use one of the digital audio inputs to the receiver, even just for listening to stereo. It should sound better than using the RCA CD input, because, when you do that, the player's DACS will be doing the D-to-A conversion. The receiver's DACs are better. I would still get the T532 player. I have one, of course...
Hawk is right in his appreciation of these NAD systems. On paper the receivers don't look like good value in Watts-per-Euro but in they are excellent value for sound quality. And, not on paper but to loudspeakers, their power ouput is never a problem. Don't get a Sony, which is the opposite; their stated power ratings are meaningless, and they have inferior sound quality.

Oscar Bosca
Hi John,

Thanks for your comments.
I never have thought of Sony when choosing
a DVD-Player.
I've seen there is no information about DACs
of both T752 and T762, maybe 192/24 ?.
I'm not sure if 192/24 is better than 96/24
since it has to do with upsampling and filtering,
and both make a good job....or not?

Hasta la vista.

You might consider the Pioneer Elite 45 0r 47 series. They are one of the very few DVD's under $500 that will play all formats such as SACD and DVD Audio and they are progressive scan for movies.

>>>>NAD T532<<<< Their analogue's are top notch. NAD will put the rest (Yamaha,HK,Onkyo,Denon..) to shame. Analogue is the missing link to these inferior players.

The quality of the NAD DVD is based solely on thew transport, the laser, the DAC, and the video chipset---none of which NAD makes.

The best DVD players usually employ the same chipsets in the Panasonic RP-82 and the RP-30. Believe it or not, the $8,000 Krell is basically a very fancy RP-82.

The new Denon 2900 SACD/DVD-Audio is based on a Panasonic as is the new Yamaha 2300 DVD-Audio/SACD.

Obviously, these two companies along with Krell did their video homework. They are all buying Panasonic RP-30's and RP-82's and re-working them.

I wish the Pioneer would use the Panasonic transport and laser and buy the same chipsets.

Audio-wise I doubt there is much difference between any of them in playing CD's.

I wish the new receivers would use the sophisticated method of bass management as is employed in the new top of the line JVC at $2500 list. I was shocked to find JVC doing this better then everyone else, even the audiophile brands up to $5500. It is so important when playing music--not very important on DVD Video--as that is pretty much controlled by the digital coding.

John Allen
You are right, NAD boast about the Crystal DACs on receivers only for the T742. I don't know why. Making comparisons is impossible when even manufacturers themselves don't give comparable info for all their models. Maybe the same DACs are worth mentioning in the T742 price range and nothing special on more expensive models?


It is my understanding that the pre/pro section in all three NAD receivers is the same, so that would mean that the DACs are the same.

I think that the reason they are not mentioned for the 752 and 762 has more to do with marketing. What type of DACs a receiver has doesn't mean as much to most consumers as does things like component video inputs and IR outputs.

Oscar Bosca
I also have seen that the NAD T752 and T762 have
PoweDrive but T742 doesn't. Is that very important ? or can I live without it ?.
I have 2 B&W 602.5, I think it's a good combo for
the NADs.

G-MAN, so you don't recommend NAD at all.

Anonymous said: "NAD T532 Their analogue's are top notch" and I wonder if T512 aren't.
Is the NAD T532 much better than T512 ?.



I think what Anonymous was saying is that the 532 is a top notch player--that doesn't mean that the 512 is bad, just not as good.

They are both DVD/CD players and the biggest difference I see is that the 532 has progressive scan and 3:2 pull down for video. I also believe the 532 has better DACs for audio. But NAD always builds at a price point where they can deliver what they believe is quality sound, so the 512 will be a better quality, sound-wise, than you usual mass market player. Most of the mass market audio companies simply build to a price point that the marketing department has decided is important. The sound delivered by the player is less important than the price point it is sold at. NAD will not build a "low-end" product because it believes every product they produce should deliver quality sound.

So the choice between the 512 and the 532 is between very good and better. You choose based upon your budget.

Oscar Bosca
Hi Hawk,
O.K I would do a sacrifice for getting the 532
but my budget is not enough so i'll go for the
T512 and T742. 1088 Euros, here.

I hope to do a good purchase.

Clive Morris
Is not having SACD capability a big drawback for the 532?


So far, none of the extended audio formats (SACD, HDCD, and DVD-Audio) have managed to get any real traction with the market here in the US. I have had an SACD player for nearly a year and I still haven't seen an SACD that I particularly want. That could change, of course, but not many titles are being put out in any of the new formats, which leads me to believe that they aren't selling.

Clive Morris
Cheers for that Hawk - think I will go with the 532 as cant see SACDs getting going here in the UK for sometime either.

Oscar Bosca
I have recently heard the NAD T512 with Denon 1803
and with NAD T742 both with B&W 603S3 and I would
say the Denon had better sound, clearer than the
NAD. How about it ?

Oscar Bosca
I'm not sure whether the NAD T742 has a clearer and brighter sound than Denon 1803.
Do my ears lie me or does it really sound better ?. I'm interested in listening to stereo
music. How are they different, more bass, treble etc

I too am in the market for a single DVD player. I just bought an NAD T762 yesterday and was considering the T532. After all my research online for progressive scan players it seems that the DENON 1600 is the player of choice for picture quality. Has anyone heard ANYTHING about the NAD T532 in the picture quality arena ?? I am psyched that NAD has good audio .. but I need picture too. =). Plus the DENON is about 150 dollars cheaper ;-).

dunnie, I would have waited for the new NAD's to come out in a month or two before buying the soon to be older models. They usually mark them down. A matter of fact I say the 752 and the 762 mark down today at Saturday Audio I beleive.

I'm happy for you though, the T762 is a great receiver. Did you hook it all up yet? What speakers are you using?

yeah .. id wrather not wait two more months ... have you heard anything about the new line ?? I wish I new which DVD player to go with.

My speakers (OLD BUT DECENT):



Check out the Toshiba's line of DVD players. They perform admirably, give a clean picture, load quicker than a NAD DVD changer, give a skip free performance and are a lot cheaper. My $0.02

Hello. I am new to this board,but I've enjoyed the small number of posts I've read. I have just gotten into this "addiction" after being out of the loop for many years. Some history-Dahlquist DQ10s, Luxman amps,dynaco preamp. I have my old Wharfedale speakers(4 of 'em) and a new subwoofer and center speaker ready to go.I'm looking for a good receiver in the $500 range(new or used) any suggestions???Some suggestions i've received: Yamaha rxv 740,Denon AVR 2800,some onkyo...

Since it seems you are on a tight budget and you are looking for the "best bang for the buck" deal I would say go the Denon route. I have never auditioned that particular Denon model, I have auditioned one of Denons $1000 players and it worked flawlessly and had good CD playback as well. I don't know if Denon skimps on their cheaper players thats something you'll have to research for yourself. The NAD T532 has burr brown and crystal in it so you know its quality. Who cares if the tray is a little slow, its the picture and sound quality and durability you want

Just my 2 cents.

Oscar Bosca
Why does NAD have only three recievers when
the others brands have alot ?

Something interesting about Denon AVR 1804 ?
I think there's nothing new for NAD.


Because Denon is mass-market and NAD is more audiophile. At least thats how it was back when NAD was in it's prime. I think NAD's going through some tough times because they're not sure if they want to compete with the Yamahas, Denons and Onkyo's or stay a cut or two above them and still offer value.

It's an apples and oranges comparison, IMHO.


NAD only has three receivers because NAD, unlike the big mass market receiver makers, does not build to a price point to blanket the market. For example, Onkyo prices its 501 at $299, the 601 at $499, the 701 at $799 and the 800 at $999, and so on. Denon does the same thing with the 1403 priced at $299, the 1603 at $399, the 1803 at $499, the 2803 at $799, etc. The market for receivers is biggest below the $500 level, so the big boys sell a lot of receivers below that price. Their products have more to do with the marketing price point than with the quality of the sound. They also put out new models about every year, whether there are real upgrades or not.

Conversely, NAD only builds where they can put in the parts that they think are necessary to put out quality sound. As a result, the least expensive NAD is priced at $649, considerably above the biggest part of the market (<$500). Furthermore, NAD has longer product cycles (~18 months), so you won't see replacements soon. However, I am told that NAD is supposed to release the new flagship receiver, the T773 today.


I think you are right that NAD lost its way for awhile. Two years ago, the same Canadian company that owns PSB bought NAD from some scandanavian holding company. Their first efforts had some real successes (the T761), but also had some failures (e.g., the T751). However, they went back to some of the original NAD product designers and I think the current product line is defintely a "cut or two above." They appear to be back to giving more bang for the buck.

Well, as another thread demonstrates, I was wrong about the product cycles (752 being replaced after only 14 months, and the 742 and 762 going out after less than a year). NAD has announced the new 7x3 series of receivers across the entire range, with new features and capabilites. Looks pretty impressive, but they are getting out of the bargain basement entirely as the new 743 will have a MSRP of $699, the 753 will be $999, the 763 will be $1399, and the new 773 will go for $1799.

Thanks for the information Hawk. I wasn't sure if they would keep the 74x series or drop it. Do you know how much power the 743 and 753 will get? What about upgrades in power supplies and such specs?

How can anybody discount the sacd/dvdaudio players.The new Pink Floyd sacd is a benchmark,even as is Shania Twain's sacd.The sony 755V performs adequately in this respect and is far superior to an "ordinary" cd player.Sacd is the way of the future and we should not abandon it.The Denon 3803 receiver sounds qualitatively better to any of their models below it.Any receiver below $500 just does not cut it!

How can anybody discount the sacd/dvdaudio players.The new Pink Floyd sacd is a benchmark,even as is Shania Twain's sacd.The sony 755V performs adequately in this respect and is far superior to an "ordinary" cd player.Sacd is the way of the future and we should not abandon it.The Denon 3803 receiver sounds qualitatively better to any of their models below it.Any receiver below $500 just does not cut it!

sacd and dvd-audio and hdcd are marketing gimmicks to spark new interest and new sales.

I'll bet you none of these take hold as "the new format" of the future. They will continue to make them as an alternative but the redbooks will have a majority of the market.


The new 743 is still going to be 50 wpc x 5, but they have pre-outs so you can add an external amp to do 7.1. Additionally, it now has component video connections, something not available on the 742, as well as a 7.1 analog input for SACD or DVD-Audio.

The 753 actual drops from 80 wpc to 70 wpc, but then it adds a sixth channel, so it is now a 6.1 receiver. It also has Zone 2 output for independent source and volume control.

Both now come with three (3!) 12 v triggers and dual subwoofer outs.

Meanwhile, on another front, Yamaha has announced a 9.1 receiver. How stupid is this going to get?! Or, as Oscar Wilde was once quoted, "There is no success like excess."

According to the posts, the new line of NAD is
coming soon. How much more good will be the 743
than the 742 ?. Should I wait for it or what ?.
There will be new DVD-Players ?.

What if I buy a C521I as CD-player together with
the T742/3 and later I change it for a DVD-player.


I was considering an NAD C541. Sounds great, but I found a B-stock T742 for less. I play my older Pioneer DVD through the receiver's DAC - sounds almost (but not quite) as good as the C541, plus I get all the signal processing and multi-speaker capabilities.

I'm puzzled - why would you buy a C541 and use the DACs on the T742 - any digital source can feed it.


Do you think if I buy the new C521BEE cd-player
I would get better sound for CDs than with the
T512 ?


Probably. The C521bee has been winning a lot of awards overseas already. Looks very impressive.

My name is Eugene, I am from Russia.
Please go to http://www.ixbt.com/dvd/nad-t-512.shtml (you will have to translate it from Russian using some automatic Russian-English online translation service or click here http://www.translate.ru/url/tran_url.asp?lang=ru&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ixbt.com%2Fdvd%2Fnad-t-512.shtml&direction=re&template=General&cp1=NO&cp2=NO&autotranslate=on&transliterate=on&psubmit2.x=87&psubmit2.y=12)

and see if you still want to go with 512.

It is a cheap LG-based lousy model.
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