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I am planning to buy a Yamaha HTR - 5650 Receiver with a Yamaha NS - P236 speaker system for my home. I was wondering if this would be a good combination.

I also would like to know what other accessories I need to buy to get the fullest output from the system.


Yes. The Yamaha receivers are designed specifically to go with Yamaha speakers. I have often criticized Yamaha receivers because I find them excessively bright, but the Yamaha speakers are designed to be rather laid back (I used to have some Yamaha speakers) and so they go together very well. The whole is a lot better than the sum of the parts, so to speak.

How much does this system cost? If I know that maybe I can come up with some alternatives.

You can buy all seven of the Yamaha speakers for about $160. It is a rare single speaker, never mind a pair of speakers that costs $160. Only reason I am saying this is for you not to expect anything special from this set-up. It is better than tv speakers in general in a surround format--but not by much. I hope you haven't spent much time listening to good stereo speakers or anyone else's reasonably good system, or you will be sorely disappointed.

I say this without having heard this set-up. But unless Yamaha has found the modern day Philosopher's Stone of speaker construction and acoustics I find it impossible to believe they are much better than a boom box in surround format--if they are that good.

Speakers should be your most expensive component--by a long way. Now if this is what you can afford now--go ahead. If I were you I would go to and buy speakers or buy used speakers at some site that will give you much better performance. Your receiver is certainly capable of driving much better speakers than these.

G-Man, do you think the JBL SCS 150SI speakers are better than the Yamaha speakers?. I think I can get them for about $200-$300 and it is still within my budget.

Please let me know what you think.

The total cost would probably come up to $550 or so.


I also wanted to say that I am ready to invest upto $700 (USD) on the whole package. I welcome your suggestions if you want me to take a different route.

Anonymous---I would bet my shorts that the JBL's are significantly better than the Yamaha speakers. JBL has been in the speaker business for decades and is currently owned by Harman International, which owns quite a few other audio/video manufacturing companies--such as HK and Infinity.

As an aside, I went to public school from elementary through high school with Sidney Harman's children. Other than manufacturing the Harman Kardan receiver's and other electronics I certainly had no idea that after a short retirement that Sidney Harman would get back into the "business" in such a huge way.

The new technologies that come out of Harman Int'l are actually quite amazing. And some of the best advancements eventually make it down to the less expensive models. It will be great when Infinity's R.A.B.O.S. system for bass sound balancing works it way further down the food chain---it is excellent technology.

As a recommendation, I would go to this Home Theatre Site and click on the reviews section and then click on the speaker system review section, which also has complete systems listed.

I generally find the most accurate reviews are in Sound & Vision and CNET. Home Theatre isn't a bad one either. Then you can go do a search for best prices on the one's that appeal to you the most.
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