Searching for a <$600 80 watt av receiver with no fan!!


I need your help. Is there any receiver that put out 80 true watts into 5 or 6 channels that don't have to rely on fans to cool the unit?

Denon 1804 or Onkyo 601.

I recommend the Yamaha RX-V740. You won't be disappointed as there is no fan, just cooling fins.

What speakers are you running and what is your budget?

In absence of knowing your speakers and budget, I recommend the Marantz 7300. It does not have a cooling fan and it has a really nice sound. 105 wpc x 6.

Alex Soo
I just pick up a new Onkyo TXSR600 for $299
at Circuit City.
They are closing them out in the SF bay area.

Also look at the Pioneer Elite VSX-41TX. 100wpcx6 and can be had retail for under $500. Very good sound and user friendly. An Onkyo600 for $299 is a steal!

Hawk asks a crucial statement--what speakers are you driving or what speakers are you going to get? But beyond that is what do you want from your set-up? Do you want to watch mostly DVD's and surround sound tv? Do you want to listen to stereo and/or surround sound DVD-Audio, CD's, and SACD's?

There is no free lunch. The features you want in a receiver should be the ones you would mostly utilize. While those receivers that people listed above are fine---there are ways to get more bang for your buck if you know what you want in your watching and listening habits. And remember--a user friendly remote is pretty important, as you will be using it fairly frequently.

Sorry I left out the most important thing. I own a pair of Monitor Audio B2's. I'll be getting either the B1's for surround, center monitor and a sub not yet decided.

I think is having a sale on HK receivers--particularly the 325 and the 525. The 525 they have for just under $600 and the 325 for about $400. Seems to me to be an excellent deal on either one. Neither will have a problem driving your speakers to their breaking point. The 525 may have a couple of features you may prefer, but I doubt the basic sound (unless you use the receivers DSP's) will be any different with either receiver.

MA speakers are a bit on the bright side with that metal dome tweeter. Get something with a warm musical sound. The Marantz 7300 I suggested earlier would be a great choice, but it may not be easy to find at that price point (<$600). I would also recommend the H/K 525 suggested by the G-Man. It is on sale at One Call and it is a real bargain at that price.
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