Hawk... Where are you? I need some advice on..


Hawk- Since you are like a "god" here on the postings, could you answer a question for me?

I just purchased Monitor Audio Silver 6 speakers, the Silver LRC center, and the bronze SPX's for the rear. I am planning on getting speakers for the back surrounds as well for 7 channel sound.

My question for you is what receiver would you recommend for this set? I like the Integra 7.3, but I am open for anything else you might recommend. I also like Denon, but heard many times that Denon and Monitor don't mix well. What do you think? Can you give me some help here? Thanks for your time.


Thanks for thinking of me. I hope I can help.

I think your concern that the Denon and the Monitor Audios would be a poor combination is correct. Now, I am not against Denon--I own one. But we want to get the correct balance in the system to get the sound right.

Monitor Audio is a great speaker company and I think that the Silver 6s are a very fine speaker. If I could get my wife to agree, I wouldn't mind having a pair in my family room (but she won't, alas!). But you must recognize that they are on the bright side with a rather forward sound. Something a little more laid back and warmer is called for in a receiver with the 6s. Otherwise, the sound will become fatiguing and you will not enjoy it. I had this problem for several years, and ended up never bothering to listen to my stereo anymore. When I finally made some changes to my system, it opened up and I have been enjoying using it again.

The Integra is along the right lines, and, as it is made by Onkyo, an Onkyo TX-SR800 would also be a good candidate. At that price level, I would also recommend that you listen to the following to see what you like the best:

1. NAD 762 (6 channel only);
2. Marantz 7300 (6 channel only);
3. Pioneer Elite 45TX; or
4. Harman/Kardon 525 or 7200.

I can appreciate the fact that you might want to go to seven channel sound, but in my view, it isn't worth it. The sound is matrixed (that is, since there are no seven channels in recorded medium, they artificailly create the side channels by summing up the front and the back). I don't really think it adds anything compared to a properly set up 5 channel system, but if you prefer it, then go for it. Everyone's tastes are a little bit different. As you can see, some of my favorite receivers are only six channel, so they may not be a good candidate for you.

I would stay away from any Yamaha, Denon, JVC, Panasonic or Sony. None have the right sonic charecteristics for your speakers.

The "Hawkster" comes to the rescue again. Thanks for all your time. Integra is will be. ^_^

Glad I could help.

Oh mighty Hawk.......
Well, I did manage to purchase the Integra receiver. I think it sounds great with my setup of Monitor's. I am thinking of going to 7.1 instead of 5.1 due to the fact that the room I have doesn't have a back wall. The living room and family room are connected together and have no seperation from each other. Am I on the right track or should I just stick with the 5 channel setup? I have yet to purchase the two back surround speakers.
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