Any one know about the NAD C270 or T762, perfect match???


Could I use a NAD C270 Amplifier with a NAD T762 A/V receiver to help power my 4 ohm fronts and high watt surrounds and center? Is there any reason why I would need to do this anyways? Finding a single A/V receiver that has the capability to power the 4 ohms is a drag, but Im set on the LSi series Polk Audio, PLEASE HELP

Since you are set on the Polks, there is no reason why the T762 won't do the job for you by itself, unless you want more than six channels (unnecessary, in my view). The 762 is rated down to 2 ohms through 6 channels (not counting the sub), so the 4 ohm load of the Polks is an easy load for the receiver. You do not need an extra amp just because of the 4 ohm load if you get an NAD.

However, if you want more than six channels (like 7.1 sound), you can add the C270 as an outboard amp to drive the front speakers using the pre-outs on the back of the receiver. Alternatively, you can buy the new T773 which is a full 7.1 receiver at 120 wpc (to be available in September, I believe).

I hope this helps.
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