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I am set to purchase some DefTech speakers. Specifically, their CLR 3000 center, rear/surround DefTech 2's and still waffling over the mains. For my sub(s), I'm leaning towards the Hsu's due to great reviews and recommendations. I have a very acoustically challenged room with high (18') cathedral ceilings and a fairly wide open HT room(23' x 19' with two sides open to other sections of the house) with hardwood floors. Since I have to work with what I have, I was wondering if any fellow forum participants have found a good receiver match for DefTechs? I don't want a flagship, but one in the $600-$1200 range. I have read more than a few posters here stating that some receivers work better with certain speakers. I will be using the set-up for 95% HT and the other 5% for music. Thanks for the advice. I have no particular love affair with any of the top names out there and am therefore wide open to any suggestions.

I applaud your choice of Def Techs. They are some of the best speakers on the market today. The 2000 series has built in subs so you won't have to worry about that. My receiver recommendations for Def Tech would be Pioneer Elite vsx45 or the new vsx55txi and then the Marantz sr7300. Both would be great matches for any Def Tech system. Also the NADt762 would be fine if you can find one in your price range. Any of these combos would sound fantastic in your space. Good luck.

I will join elitefan and suggest a Pioneer Elite, the NAD 762 or a Marantz 7300. All have a warm musical sound that works well with the Def Techs. NAD is a great choice, but I would also check out the NAD 752, which I think is a particularly good value.


Someone posted that their Denon and Deftechs are a good combo. I think it was the 3803 model.
I have been looking at the NAD T762 and Pioneer Elite vsx55txi. I don't personally want Marantz, although it may be a very nice receiver for many of you out there. Hawk, I see you have a Denon. What do you think about the 3803 as a choice? Sorry, I know you have probably given that opinion somewhere in the past and hope you don't mind repeating it.


Denon is a bad combo with the Def Techs, as it is too dry and too forward for that brand of speakers. Denon can be good with some speakers, however, so it can be a good choice, but not with Def Techs.

Since you clearly don't want the Marantz, get the NAD or look into the Pioneer Elites. Things are a little crazy right now with the Pioneer Elite due to the model changeover. While these two brands both have a very warm sound, there are still differences and you should try both before you decide to buy.

For Def Techs, also avoid Sony, Yamaha, JVC, Pioneer (non-Elite), and Panasonic. They are all too bright and forward sounding.

Good luck.
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