NAD 742/752 vs. Marantz 7300 (cont'd)


Thanks Hawk for the advice.

One last question. I saw on another post you mentioned DMC Electronics. I called them and they have some refurbished NAD T752s for about $580 or so.

Have you dealt with this shop before? If so, do you recommend them?

Also, is buying a refurbished unit a bad idea? There is a one-year warranty on it but not sure if you or anyone else has some pointers when dealing with refurbished items.

DMC mentioned they were all factory sealed as well. Thanks again in advance.

Also i have PSB 300s for my fronts, PSB Alphas for the rears, PSB 200i Center, and a sub...if that factors into your recommendations...

I just purchased an NAD T742 off eBay ($300!!). As a long term NAD owner (3020b) just moving towards surround sound and home theater, sound quality was most important, and both independent reviewers and my own ears would confirm that this is a typical high quality NAD unit, with full rich sound (slightly warm in a UK way).

If I were a big videophile, there are a few features that this unit does not have that you might want.

1) Assignable digital inputs. The coax and optical digital inputs are preassigned to devices. So if you wanted to use a COAX digital input with your DVD you would have to hook it up to a CD or VCR input. Not a big deal but if you are one of those people who believe COAX is better than OPTICAL, it is mildly annoying. (I am not one of those people).

2) The monitor out provides both composite and S-Video outputs regardless of inputs. I know some people don't like to use the receiver to switch video (signla loss, quality), but I find the convenience outweighs the issues with my setup. BUT, there is a real degradation in signal quality if some devices are composite (i.e., VCR, cable box), but you use the S-Video output to your monitor. The signal is noticeably grainy with visiable cross-hatching. I hear this is a common problem with many brands.

Otherwise, great fit and finish, beautiful and simple layout. All in all a great unit.

thanks for the advice. Great price BTW on the 742!! who was the they have more?

None left...single seller. There was another unit that I was watching that went for $350. I think there is less demand for the high end stuff.

I do wonder if the video conversion issue I mentioned is particular to this unit, or is common across many units/brands.


I have not dealt with DMC myself, but I have a couple of friends who have dealt with them and they have been very satisfied. DMC is an authorized dealer, so I feel confidant that there would be no warranty issues.

As for buying refurbished products, I have been doing that for several years. My Denon is a refurb, as is the telephone I just got last week, the digital camera I got my daughter for her birthday, etc. I have had no problems, so I would recommend it. It has been my experience that if there is a problem with electronics, it will show up within the first year. My Denon came with only a 90 day warranty, so I purchased a warranty contract for an additional year. If it hasn't shown up in the first year, you can probably assume that it is going to have a long life--elctronics are really well built these days.

Nice speakers BTW--should be a killer combo with the NAD.
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