HK AVR 7200 vs. NAD T762


Enquiring to see which would be a better match for my current system which consist of Energy Connoisseur C7's for the front, CC-1 center channel, C1's for the rear and a pair of JBL S120PII subs. Music playback is as important to me as HT, and I can live wihout the seventh channel for now. The reason for buying the Energy's was due to how great they sounded when auditioned through an HK AVR 525, which I was planning on buying. My budget just got a little higher and I'm seriously looking into the 7200. The problem is that I have nowhere to audition the 7200 or the NAD, so hopefully your posts will really help out. I can get them both for roughly the same price...thanks!

I thought that Nad, made in Europa, was better than HK, made in USA. But you should know that the designs of NAD's receivers are made in Europa, but what's inside is often made in Asia...
NAD is not as great as sellers try to make us believe it. It's wonderful if you ONLY listen classical music. For home theater, Yamaha is better and for music, HK is better. If you want the best of the both, you should get an amplifier with a preamp like Parasound Halo, but ($$$$$??)
I bought a AVR 7200 one month ago. I hesitated between the same Nad and HarmanKardon than you. I realised, after listening, that HK was really better than NAD. Just look at the weights of the receivers. You have the AVR7200 = 61pds and the T762 = 36,5pds. You get amazing and deeper low frequencies with the AVR7200 (but not over, just enough). You have to know that the AVR7200 would give you 100watts with 75 amp. made by a massive toroidal transfo. I haven't ever seen another receiver that produces 75% of amperes! I use my HK receiver with JBL Studio speakers (S312II, S38II, SCenter and S120PII). You won't get an amplifier that sounds louder than any other 100w receiver like NAD, Yamaha, ..., but the color of sound is different. I paid about 2000CAN$ (on all duties included and I am really satisfied.

jayel dmz
Thanks for the input! I actually ordered the HK a few days ago and I can't wait to hook everything up. I've been wihout surround sound for over a month! I noticed you said you're running JBL Studios all around. My room is 20x15 and I'm wondering how well your S120PII has performed.

try to consider other subs besides the jbl s120II.

try velodyne, svsubwoofer, and many more
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