Bought a new Kenwood VR707, not happy - HELP! SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!


Hi everyone,
I just bought a new Kenwood VR 707 6.1 receiver and the JBL 160si 6.1 speaker package. When I played a DVD, the sound was phenomenal, however I am discovering that I do not enjoy the sound while watching digital cable. I hooked up the cable to the receiver with a digital coax cable. It seems that the receiver constantly wants to go into "auto-detect" mode with each change of the cable channel. This is ok, however annoying, because sometimes the sound takes a few seconds to come back on after a channel change, and sometimes it doesn't come on at all until I press the input mode on the remote and click auto detect again. Now I tried to just use the manual mode and keep the same setting for all the channels and again, sometimes it automatially switches the listening mode (the instruction booklet said it can do this sometimes.) Also, in manual mode I get a loud popping sound from the speakers everytime I switch channels. Can someone please help me out? Will I always get a popping noise? Also, I want to return this receiver and get a different one - (needs to still be 6.1). I do not listen to music cd's, but I do listen to the digital cable music statiosn a lot....and I always watch DVD's, so a good surround sound it very important to me. Anyone have recommendations for a good receiver around $300 max? Best Buy has a few Yamahas and Sonys...and Circuit City had Onkyos and Harmans (although CC is overpriced). Please help! Thanks so much!!

For $300 try the Onkyo TX-SR501 or Pioneer VSXD-812. Both available at CC and Pioneer at Best Buy.

also in addition to elite fan recommendations also try the Yamaha RX-V440 or the Denon AVR-1804. Also try looking at the Marantz receivers for $300-$400 dollar range. One more thing, if you were to get the Yamaha receiver, don't get it at Best Buy, go to one of these online websites or to Tweeter or Ultimate Electronics.


For your budget of $300 (max), I would recommend you get an Onkyo TX-SR600, factory renewed, from One Call for $299.98 ( Has a very good pre/pro section for handling video, and it should handle your cable box better than the Kenwood. It was oringinally a $500 receiver.

Question for Sarandon Johnson why not go to best buy for the yamaha.

To tell you the truth I happend to like the RXV line better than the HTR line you get at Best Try. Sorry I ment Best Buy. To me the RXV line gives you more bang for the buck and it has better amps than the HTR line. But I could be wrong. But I aslo heard that there is no difference between the two. But really it is up to you to get which one you want to get. Also try the other brands I would love to buy, Denon, Marantz, Onkyo and H/K

I Was Anonymous on the question for S.J. And I asked because the HTR and the RXV are really the Same thing. It is just labled differantly. For every price range they match up(no 599.99 on the HTRs though). Rx-v640 = HTR-5660. Same amp, Same features, Differant name (a rose is a rose). see for your self And when B.B. has it on sell, witch is a lot, they are better price. Here in Colorado Ultimate Electronics is called SoundTrack, and they are always more expensive. Anyway no big deal Yamaha is good by any name :).
How do you like your HTR-5540(See you got a "Best Buy" model)you would like the RX-V440 as well (Same thing). Oh wait I don't think the RXVs have Video up converson. That is Yamahas Transcoding, that means that it takes a regular RCA cable and turns it to S-Video or Component, and S-Video to Comopnent. This does nothing for the video quality, but it is great for using multiple video sources. The HTR do this at 399.99.

Well to tell you the truth I love it!! But I just hate Best Buy because I used to work there. But any way IMO the RXV line sounds a lot better than the HTR line.
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