Connection Options/Questions on new receiver (NAD T742)


I am hooking up my new receiver and see that there is always a signal on both the S Video and Composite outputs. I hooked the receiver to the TV with S Video, and DVD to receiver with S Video. The cable and VCR are composite.

But there is a noticebly lower quality in the cable signal when running to the monitor on S Video. If I change the connection from the receiver to the TV to composite (so now Cable, Recever, and TV are all hooked up on composite), the signal is improved.

Anyone ever see this before?

This is nothing new or unusual, nor is it limited to NAD. I think consumers have been led down the garden path by the Japanese Audio Cartel on these video connections

Fact is, the video bandwidth of an S-video connection is, in fact, the same as it is for composite--8Mhz. So, technically speaking, you are not getting a lower quality signal by using the composite connection, so I wouldn't worry about it. Why your cable signal would be degraded going through S-video I can only guess at.

I am of the school that you never run your video signal through the audio receiver. It is just another processing step that can never enhance the signal, just degrade it. You are better off directly connecting the video from your sources (DVD, Cable, and VCR) directly to your TV and only connect the audio portion through the receiver. I have a Denon 3803 which even up-converts to component video, but I connect my sources directly to the TV, bypassing the receiver.
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