New receiver NAD ?


Daniel Benatar
Hi all,

Did any one know details about the new NAD T773 receiver ? I want to buy NAD T762, but I have
read that new model in coming out ?

Thanks, Daniel


I have not seen anything about it--there doesn't seem to be anything on the NAD web page. Where did you see it?

Daniel Benatar
Thanks Hawk, please review the following web site (nad news):
You can find there the new NAD T773 receeiver.



Thanks for the link.

Looks like the 773 is a line extension, not replacing the 762, but becoming a new flagship model slotted above the 762. It obviously has an even bigger power supply as it offers 110 wpc x 7 as opposed to the 762's 100 wpc x 6. It also weighes 43 pounds, 6.5 lbs. more than the 762. Otherwise, I don't see much difference from the 762.

John Allen
Yes, you will pay more for the extra channel and a bit more power. It will not replace the T762. It will probably have the same DACs, circuitry and sound. In normal 5.1 it will probably even sound the same as the T742.
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