Denon AVR Receiver


Miky G
Help anyone. How do I connect my replaytv/tivo to my denon receiver. Also, how do I connect the TV to the receiver. Sorry, but the manual is not clear.

Thanks in advance

I don't have TIVO, so I don't know. However, connecting the TV is easy, and I fully expect the TIVO is the same.

I am sure it is confusing because there are three ways to connect the tv's video to the receiver, composite video (one cable, RCA type plug--plug is yellow), S-video (has a DIN type connector, similar to the connectors used by computer mice and keyboards with tiny little pins), or component video (Three different cables, RCA type, colored Blue, Green, and Red). Most Denons accept all three, but you should only use one at a time. So choose which one you want to use. composite is the easiest because we are all used to them from connecting ou old VCRs to the TV. Also the cheapest and the poorest video quality. S-video is better, but a tad more expensive for the cable. Better quality video.

Component video cables are expensive, but if you have a progressive scan DVD player and a HD ready tv, I would go this route. Otherwise, go with the S-video.

Finally, this only connects the video signal--you still have to use RCA type cables to connect teh audio portion (usually red and white colored plugs), so don't forget to use these, as well.
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