Integra DTR 5.4 vs. Denon AVR 2803


I've just purchased a Def Tech Pro Cinema system, including the ProSub 100, ProCenter C2, 2 ProMonitors 100's, and 2 ProMonitor 200's. I want the best sound and picture quality possible to run through a 51" Sony widescreen (16:9) 1080i Hi-Scan and a Sony Progressive DVD player. I'm looking for any suggestions as to a good receiver to run with this setup? My research has led me to the new Integra 5.4 and Denon AVR 2803... Anyone out there want to give me some pros and cons in regard to these two receivers (or other receiver suggestions), I'm game to listen... If you have time, I'd also like to know the brass tax on the $400 difference between the Integra 5.4 ($600) and 6.4 ($1,000) (and is it worth it).


Definitive puts out some great speakers. Either receiver would probably be a good match, however I've heard a few people mention the Integras having more quality put into them.

6.4 has more power (100 wpc vs 85 for the 5.4), has more audio inputs (3 vs. 2) and it has a phono input. Can't see much difference other wise, but I am sure they have used better parts thoughout the product to have a price differential that large.

Thanks, Hawk... So, you're telling me to go w/ the Integra over the Denon? Or would you have any other suggestions I should look into?

Anyone else have some input???... It would be greatly appreciated!



I don't know your speakers, so I can't say one way or the other. You will have to decide which line of receivers sounds better with your speakers. Also, what do you use the system for? I have a Denon, but I am finding it is best used for HT as its performance with stereo music leaves a lot to be desired.

I think the Denon is very clean, but also a bit dry and sterile. The Onkyo/Integra is warmer sounding. It all comes down to which sound you prefer.

Thanks again, Hawk...As they say, it really all comes down to your own sound preference. I'll be using this system quite a bit for HT, however I also love to get into some jam sessions as well. I have the same sentiments regarding Denon's sound compared with Onkyo/Integra (as do many others).

By the way, if you ever get a chance check out some Definitive Technology speakers - They'll blow you away. A buddy of mine got me turned onto them. Keep in mind he runs the huge flagships, with their ground breaking sub and a high-end center. I believe he pushes it with a Yamaha receiver and a couple NAD amps. And let me tell rocks something fierce. Basically this is my "starter kit" and I hope to keep upgrading in the future.

Nice starter kit . . .

i recently purchased the Integra 6.3 receiver, very satisfied with it....added RBH compact series speakers and extremely satisfied with is a link

Also, differences between DTR-5.4 and DTR-6.4 include:
6.4 have pre-amp outputs, bass management for pre-amp inputs, and is THX-Select certified.

I'm also looking to replace my second room receiver (Onkyo 575X) and was looking at the DTR-5.4 and the Denon 2803. I will be using this receiver for music 90% of the time.

Before taking any decision, I'm comparing side by side the DTR-5.4 and the Marantz SR5300 (almost the same price).

I purchased the Integra 5.4 a couple of months ago and really love it. I'm driving an all NHT stereo/surround setup in different rooms, and the multi-room flexiblity is great. SInce the NHTs aren't very efficient, a lot of power is needed to drive them. The Integra does a wonderful job despite it's modest power ratings.

In comparison, I considered the Onkyo 601 and it's basically the same, but you don't get 192/24 DAC on the sub channel. Not sure if that matters, but that's one of the differences. Because I got the 5.4 for less than the 601, I naturally went with it. Between the two, they are about the same as far as looks and heft. I can't say you see any of the "handmade" quality with assembly in regards to the Integra, but it's supposed to have uprated capacitors and other internal "mods" geared for better audio fidelity.

So far, i'm very impressed with the sound of the 5.4. My prior receiver was an Onkyo 575, which I thought sounded great. But the 5.4 seems to sound even more expansive. The same NHT speakers seem to throw a wider soundstage. And the sound is clean. For me, I really like it.

The silver rotary volume and power button are nice accents giving the receiver an asthetically pleasing look. A nice contrast to the stark looks of traditional all-black.

Th remote is a godesnd. A true learning remote in the tradition of the 575, but now backlit. And it's a nice silver finsh too. It may sound like a minor accessory, but if you have a lot of equipment, this remote saves you a possile $200 or more on a learning remote. It's excellent.

The ergonomics are good. Very easy to read display, buttons are large and marked well. The face is not cluttered. But there are the nav buttons to perform OSD settings on the receiver itself. For the most part you can set up almost evereything essential without a TV. MUCH appreciated.

A COOL touch....the large Integra logo visible from the top of the unit through the vent holes. Pretty cool!

I was bummed this unit is made in Malaysia. Even my 575 was made in Japan. But as long as the receiver works flawlessly, it doesn't matter in the end.

I believe the warranty is 5 years, which i'm not sure if this is "normal" in the industry, but it is a welcome suprise.

A great unit, and a great value IMHO. It was one of the most affordable HTR with 192/24 DACs on ALL channels, including sub, along with a great learning remote. The power is clean and adequate for most rooms.

And for Stereo, this receiver is just great too!! Despite 6.1 DTS/ES capability, this receiver sounds so good in Stereo...don't forget it's there!

Ok, the things i don't like:
* you almost have to be dead center with the remote. At a side angle, which still appears to be less than 30 degrees, you don't have reliable access to the receiver with the remote.
* no phono input. I know the 6.4 has it, but it would have been nice to have this. It's a nitpick i know.
* not enough differentiation against the 601 cosmetically. I know they are essentially the same, but it would have been nice to have a totally different look to differentiate the Integra series. The silver knobs and remote are cool....but still.....

Overall, the 5.4 is quite a receiver. I'm sure there will be something soon to challenge it for less money. But for now, i think it's one of the best options in the $500-600 range. It's certainly worthy to listen to at the very least.

I would take the Integra over the Denon because the Integra has a more laid back sound which I like better than the brighter Denon. The Integra is a better match with Def Tech than Denon and I have owned both Denon and Onkyo with my old Def Tech system.


Which of the two would be better for Energy C5 speakers:

Integra dtr-5.4 or Marantz sr5300?

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