Marantz sr4300/Yamaha rxv540/Denon avr1803 >> B&W 602 s2


Hello, can anyone help me to choose one of these receivers, Marantz sr4300/Yamaha rxv540/Denon avr1803. I want to hook him up to B&W 602&600 speakers. It will be used in my living (30 m2) to play "Acid Jazz", Funk and things like "Tuck and Patty". And of course all video sources will be hooked up (with probably a Panasonic F85K DVD player). The Onkyo and Harman Kardon with the same features are just out of budget (where I live altough). A good remote (configurable, clear interface) is a plus. Don't want 5 remotes hanging around. Thanks in advance...

Since you are indicating you want this primarily for music, I would recommend the Marantz. It is much smoother than the other two receivers and you will appreciate your music more than if played through the Yamaha or the Denon.

Good combo with the B+Ws, too.

Thanks Hawk. Another question: Do I realy need component video? The Mararantz sr4300 doesn't have that. I guess not, because yet, only plasma screens which I don't want to spent my money on have component input. Furthermore I found an Onkyo sr501 for €70,- more then the Marantz (it has component video switching). Is it worth the money? Performs it even better with the 602's?
I preffer clear sound, I want to hear finger's slide along guitar strings.

R L,
Do you plan on keeping this receiver for several years? If you do then component video is something you probably would want to have. Component video can be found on all types of tvs not just plasma. To complicate your choice I would in this price range also look at the Elite vsx41tx. Either that or the step up Marantz 5300 or an Onkyo would be fine. Don't like Denon or Yamaha at all.

Hi Elitefan, Yes I plan to use the receiver for several years. Problem with component video is (I did some extra research) that in Europe we have already quit a long time something similar: RGB, which is conveyed by SCART. Modern tv's in Europe are not layed out likewise the rest of the world. Instead of component video connectors they have more SCART connectors for aswell S-video as RGB video. Yet, there are no AV-receivers with RGB SCART connectors. So there's no other option then to connect DVD directly to the tv by RGB SCART for the best quality. Yet, I anwered my own question: no I don't need component switching on my AVR.

At this moment I can buy the M4300 for just €379. The M5300 is too expensive. The pioneer equivalent in Europe (vsx-d711) does get good reviews but I'm not that impressed that I change my mind about the Marantz. Only the Denon 1803 has also separate amplifiers in this price range along with some other extra gadgets. But when I get the chance to listen to the pioneer, I will. (Right now I'am still using a 12 year old Pioneer A311).

R L:

I would have to disagree with Elitefan. I wouldn't bother with component video in the audio receiver. Most receivers today have a very limited bandwidth for their component video connections and it is not wide enough for a HDTV signal. For example, a bare EDTV signal (480p) needs about a 30 Mhz bandwidth to be passed. But many receivers (Pioneer, Kenwood) have limited bandwidths of only 10 Mhz--just a little better bandwidth than conventional TV. Onkyos do about 50 Mhz, which is good for 720p, and the new Denons are spec'ed at 100 Mhz, which is probably the only future proof component video jacks out there. But then you have to ask why would you subject your signal to more processing as it goes through the receiver? I would not (even though I have the Denon) and most people I know that care about their HT do not. It can not improve the signal and has the capacity to really degrade it. If the reason is for control, it is unnecessary to run it through the receiver when you have a good remote control.

Also understand that many TVs are coming out with component video connections, not just the plasmas. It appears to be the way things are going, but putting the receiver in the path of the signal makes no sense to me.

As for the sound, I have not heard the new Onkyo 501. I much prefer the Marantz 4300 to the Onkyo 500, but I understand the 501 represents a real improvement in power over the 500, so who knows. The best I can recommend it to listen to them both and see what you think.


No Marantz has component video until you get to the 7300, so stepping up to the 5300 wouldn't help. FYI

BTW, since you have a 43tx, what is the video bandwidth for that receiver? I have never looked.

Hey RL listen to all of the receivers you wanted to buy. If you are going to listen to music, then get the Yamaha RX-V640 instead of the 540. Or the Denon AVR-1804. Same thing goes for movie watching, get the Yamaha! In my opinion these two receivers are better than the Marantz, Pioneer Elite and Harmon Kardon!!!

I have the Elite vsx45 and according to the manuel the frequency response of the component output is 5hz-40mhz. You are right about sending the signal through the receiver but is an option was all I was trying to point out. Most HDTV monitors have at least 2 component inputs for use with dvd and cable/satelite so that should be enough inputs to not use component switching. I wish the tv manufactures would all include both dvi and firewire inputs on their monitors and I won't buy one in my size range[30-34 widescreen] until they do. Most big screens I have seen look pretty bad with regular cable compared to a direct view screen so I am a few years away from upgrading my monitor anyway. Talk to you later.

Ahh, firewire. The Holy Grail of Videophiles!

I agree--it sure would be nice if the manufacturers would include some of this great stuff, but again, they don't want to seem to agree to all march in the same direction so that we, the consumers, can have compatibility among our different components. I am with you that I am holding out for something a bit better, but as one guy told me yesterday, he broke down and got himself a 61" RPTV a couple of years ago and now he sees the new Samsung DLP and he's crying in his beer. I must admit, I am looking very hard at the Samsung.

Later, my friend.

I finally went up with the Onkyo TX-SR600e (€445.- which is a real bargain here) and a Yamaha DVD-S540 (PAL progressive scan). It's a great set! All the important features and connections, sturdy build, great looks, easy to use and set up, learning remote with macro function, separate amps and so a great and terrific sound (especially stereo) with my B&W602's! I don't have a sub woofer and I think I don't need one too....

But, with some dvd's (eg Pulp Fiction) I noticed that some voices sounded a bit creaky. Has anyone experienced this too? Is it just the way the recording is? (A jazzy acapella song from Tuck and Patty sounded perfect.) I hooked up the DVD player optical and set up the receiver accordingly.

Now I am looking for a TV. Considering budget and image quality it will be tube-technology. Does anyone have experience with a Panasonic Acuity model? Image looks astonishing!!
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