Fuzzy center channel on TEAC receiver


So, I've had this TEAC AG-8900 for a few years now, but haven't used it for suround since a year after I got it. I decided to hook it up as a suround system again for college. I got all the speakers and started to hook them up. For some reason, the center speaker sounded awful. So, returned it and got a new one. Same deal. Curious, I connected the center speaker to one of the front channels, and it sounded fine. Any speaker hooked up to the center channel sounds kinda like it's been blown. The sound is fuzzy and harsh. Could I have blown a circut in the receiver, or is something else the matter? Any advice would be much appriciated.

Something's broken. Does sound that way with both analog and digital sources? If it does then the decoder or the amp is acting up. If you have 6 channel direct inputs, try those. If that sounds OK then it's the decoder.

There is a provision with Pro-Logic called Phantom that simulated a center channel. It's not bad.

Hope this helps.
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